Christmas Allana Style

So I’m not one of those Norman Rockwell paintings with Xmas, not that I don’t like the Holiday or anything, I’m just not into what’s expected. And I’ve been single for the past 9 years so I’m not really expected to be anywhere which gives me great freedom. For my son and me, Xmas is about gratitude and adventure. Some years we head up to Canada to stay with my sister, her hubby, and three young kids and dog… snow angles, ice skating, skiing, tobogganing, hot chocolate, the works.

Last year, at Christmas, we hopped in the car about 11am and drove to Vegas to see Michael Jackson’s Cirque de Soleil two nights in a row, complements of his lefty baseball pitching coach, who works for the Michael Jackson foundation. We stayed at THE Hotel, in this huge suite, massive bed and bathroom, huge living room, one pool was open, he played catch with the kids in the pool, I schmoozed with the hot Canadians (of course!) in the hot tub and we had a total ball.

This year I don’t want to spoil it if for some reason my son reads my blog, OK, you’re right, he’s 9, just want to keep the energy contained as I’m creating something wild for us to do, risking a No yet willing to have a YES! And yet even staying in LA for the week is divine as there’s barely any traffic and you can get anywhere in 20 minutes, which, for LA, is a dream…in a week we could literally drive 45 minutes and hit the slopes, 35 minutes and hit the beach, 40 minutes and hit Disneyland, 3 minutes and be hiking in the forest along a stream… regardless it will be nourishing.

The main thing is to remember that When Mama’s Happy, Everybody’s Happy. At Xmas I take my own advice from my Missing Handbook to Motherhoodand create MOM Time. School is a welcome break from mom duty, and during the Holidays we can go a little crazy not having any downtime or taking on all the responsibilities ourselves instead of tag teaming out the kids with the in laws! Moms, to stay sane and succulent during the Holidays and to start the year with self-confidence and sass, grab my book, an eggnog latte and an hour to yourself to begin with Mom Time NOW…

Missing Handbook To Mother Hood

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