Must Haves

Who doesn’t love a savings for something priceless beyond measure?

Here are some of my favorites to support you on your 2024 journey!

#1 Jenette Skincare

Jenette’s been my facialist for 20 years and I’ve used her organic youthful hydrating products since their inception as has my son with her Cacao Mask… I’m aging backwards, right?

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#2 Bare Necessities

Elegant stretchy lace, primal leopard print, the sexiest T-shirt bra… I love starting my day intimately celebrating my sweet body with this matching classy lingerie.

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#3 Dry Farm Wines

My greatest joy gave me wicked headaches until I found these wines… sugar free, no sulfates, low alcohol %, epic taste, family grown… I’m happily hooked for life.

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#4 Organifi Green Juice

This is another non-negotiable daily infusion of green energy into my red blood… I swear I can hear my body cheer with delight as I drink healthy nutrients into my system.

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#5 Magic Mind Productivity Shot

I swear I feel happier, more alive and exuberant for no reason when I drink my delicious shot with hot water, ginger and cinnamon watching the sunrise each morning pre Witches Brew.

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#6 Rasa

These adaptagen packed coffee alternatives make my morning Witches Brew a potent cup of joyful, sexy and restorative sunshine where I welcome the day as my best self!

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#7 Foria Wellness

When mama’s happy, everybody’s happy… these CBD arousal oils make my yoni feel sacred and my Goddess cum alive… shhh xox 😉

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#8 Capsule By Fungi Perfecti/Host Defense

I seriously can’t remember getting sick since I started taking these, OK I got covid but other than that, 2 a day keeps me thriving like a sacred superhero.

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#9 Mysteryvibe Crescendo 2

As a vibrator connoisseur, this one bend and aligns uniquely with your body while purring like a Mercedes (And can be used with a partner!)

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