October 11, 2023 |

What is energetic sex and how can I do it?

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Question: Allana, what is ‘energetic sex’ and how can I do it? Answer: I think what you’re referring to is when sex is more than just genitals copulating. Instead, when there is an energetic component alive, the flow of breathe and energy throughout your body, resulting in full body orgasms or for men internally orgasming without externally ejaculating.

Yes? I am not a sexologist or sex doctor; but, what I can tell you personally about energy and sex is that when one opens up, puts down their walls of trying to look good or do it right, when you have a communion with your body where there is no shame and total freedom with your desires, that you embody your erotic nature. You are vibrating with desire, openness, expansive possibilities, erotic bliss. When you let this energy flow, when you let your desires be OK, when you let your truth be expressed… it makes sex a truly sacred and transcendental experience. PURE YOU. I’ve had moments where I didn’t know where my skin ended and their’s began. Moments where I forgot who was the girl and who was the guy… for we were one, swimming through oneness in bliss. And is it like that every time? No. Yet now that I know it’s possible, I choose to cultivate the capacity to be free, open, honoring of my authentic erotic nature, honoring of my partner, honoring of the sacredness of sexual union and experience newer and newer possibilities of bliss with my partner (or by myself!)

I honestly think I’m just a toddler at it, I sense there is so much more to experience and I look forward to exploring deeply and reverently and erotically. And I know that I also have come a long way in being non judgmental of my body, of being vulnerable and courageous, of embracing my erotic creature and orgasmic nature.

Thus if you sense that my non judgmental nature and honor of your journey is a fit for us to connect to dissolve your sexual shame or blocks to energetically fulfilling sex, I would be privileged to connect. Simply process a single strategy session and I will give you the biggest return on your investment to heal shame, dissolve blocks and guide you to connect intimately with your own sacred erotic nature.

From there, the world is your oyster. You deserve to know this bliss. It’s your birthright.

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