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Increase Your Self Esteem!

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Q: Allana, I have really low self-esteem. I envy all of these empowered women that have all of this confidence. How can I become more like these women?

A: Sweetness, don’t worry your pretty little head please… a lot of empowered women put on a good show, and are super insecure inside too. And I used to totally have low self esteem, looking to everyone for approval, seeking security even by marrying it! I’ve had sex to be wanted… most of us have given away our power in some way or another to be liked, feel safe, fit in, be wanted. And there is help!

How can you be more empowered? First stop the comparing part to the other women… by comparing you’re buying into superior inferior and your whole life you’ll either be a superior bitch or insecure damsel… instead LOVE and CELEBRATE other women. When she rocks her world, say WOW! Awesome for her! I’m having that! That’s for me! Oh yah! Bring it! What would it take for me to shine along side her? The Queendom of We! The Oneness of All!

In fact begin to praise women and support other women in being empowered. Buddhists say that we can’t have anything for ourselves until we first help someone else have it… the idea is paying it forward, giving vs taking, feeling the fullness of being a contribution elevates your vibration until one day, you feel naturally confident without trying, overflowing with gratitude for the return on your investment of contributing to humanity, by humanity gifting right back to you.

Next stop judging your sweet self please! This imagery usually helps my clients shift this damaging behavior… imagine there is a little you inside your heart… hiding… waiting for you to praise her, believe in her, love her, have her back. Yet each time you judge yourself as not empowered enough, insecure, not good enough etc. it’s like taking a 2×4 to her head. You’d NEVER do that, right? So please watch your thoughts and shift them to compassion, tenderness, care, healing and empowerment… tell her she has every right to be sacred… cuz looking for validation on the outside never works… that you think she’s done a great job… yet you want to show her a new way of feeling amazing… when she’s ready, no rush, you love her no matter if she never changes… unconditional love. Show her YOUR love, your empowerment, your praise, your care… and watch over time how she doesn’t compare herself to other women… how she feels humble yet confident in her grandeur and doesn’t require people’s agreement, approval or claiming to KNOW she’s enough.

And be patient, you may have been living the old way for decades. Many brain synapses and hormone receptor sites have been formed with the old way… yet if you stay consistent, it WILL change. That’s why I created my Radiance DVD curriculum. It’s 6 sessions that you can split up over 6-12 weeks… just stay consistent! And for exponential results, the curriculum was based on a webinar where the women each did 2 private sessions with me for lasting results. When you invest in your DVD, there will be an invitation to upgrade to 2 sessions at a discount. DO IT! I will help you shift this insecurity once and for all and you’ll be soaring in no time, being an inspiration yourself to other women! And super sexy to a quality man too of course!


There is over 9 hours of content with my curriculum, videos, interviews and wonderful dance practices on video with me and my colleague Jennifer Jimenez on the beach of LA! Bottom line if you do the curriculum, it works. You CAN and WILL feel empowered, confident, feminine and sexy, yet you have to show up and do the work. And once you feel this way, no one and no thing can ever take it away. Promise.

Huge love, Allana xoxox

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