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Advice On Dating Someone Less Experienced?

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Q: What do you do when you date someone that isn’t as “experienced” as you? I have met a nice girl and she has only had 2 partners while I had, well – a lot more. feet-covers

A: Well I think you ought to be grateful! What’s right about this is that you can guide her, open her, blossom her, invite her authentic erotic nature to be revealed… you can show her all that’s possible, have incredibly vulnerable connected conversations about sexual desires, fantasies, experiences.

I think it’s a privilege to be with someone who is not as experienced for it brings an often missing element of pureness, presence and connection that can be missed when people go into their conclusions, expectations and tried and true techniques.

It’s true you might meet with resistance or hesitancy, yet perfect! Breathe. Hold space. Allow. That will be great spiritual growth for you to deepen your presence, expand your allowance, be the space to birth an erotic Queen, watch a Goddess reveal herself to you… what an honor.

I’m reminded of what one of my clients said to me about a recent sexual partnership he had… I hope it inspired you about what’s possible… and I’m here to support you to be this fullness of your grander should you require: Wow, Allana.

Something just dropped down last week, and I totally stepped up. It was like your teaching, guiding and holding all meshed together. It manifested in me making love and fucking with a gravitas and a presence I just haven’t had before. I was so into penetrating her from the deepest fibers of my being that all concern around coming or even urge to come disappeared. She just melted in orgasm after orgasm. I was just fucking enjoying fucking so much that I couldn’t come. In fact I had to work really hard TO come. Ain’t that a fast change from someone who until recently felt physically anxiety at the thought of intimacy…

And this woman, wow. She is a real fucking gem and has had multiple other relationships… None of them really soul nourishing… And her words to me over a really great dinner on Saturday were that I was as short as the time together has been, and as much as she’ll miss me, she feels blessed beyond measure because, “this is what I always hoped being with a man would feel like”. In her mind, she will never again be able to be with / settle for anything less now that she has tasted this, and that has been life changing for her.

I have guided her through an incredible emotional acceptance, a physical acceptance, a sexual liberation, given her amazing new levels of self belief, and set her on a journey of really creating new break throughs in her career… She has had the experience of being totally enveloped in and accepted by powerful masculine energy, and as such I have been able to be the masculine inspiration to her feminine grandeur…

This is totally everything I want my gift to the feminine to be. Whether I know a woman for five minutes or five weeks or the rest of my life, I’ve seen the power I have and how beautifully it can be used, in the exquisite blooming of the feminine.


Pretty hot, huh? Now go to it, great man. And if you require some mentorship as this man did, go to and lets get started. This is one of life’s great treasures not to be missed or skimmed over… but to be savored to the core.



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