October 11, 2023 |

Am I Doomed to Be Single Forever?

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You asked Coach Allana Pratt, “Is it possible to go through life, the whole thing, single? I put immense pressure on myself worrying that I could.” Will I always be single?

In a survey I did of over 100 of my male and female clients, this was the #1 fear, so go through life and ultimately be alone. The worse case scenario of this was deep depression, self loathing, disconnection for Source, total despair of never being known to the core, lovingly, by another.

Now love, while it’s the most common fear of my clients, putting immense pressure and worry upon yourself is not the #1 solution! xoxo

In fact, pressure on the self is a form of judgment… beating yourself up on some level that you haven’t found someone, which lowers your self esteem and your vibration of love to attract that someone in the first place.

The solution to that is to be tender, kind, patience and loving with yourself… soothe that part of you that’s scared, and give that part of you the connection it yearns for… while taking that part of you out into the world to connect with the world at large. This could be people, a meet up group, nature, animals… simply CONNECT. Connect inside and connect outside… connection can go for infinity inside and infinity outside and when you do… the pressure on yourself to find someone lessens and the worrying will start to dissolve.

THEN from a place of fullness, as opposed to from a place of pressure or worry, you will be engaging with the world more authentically, more potently and the real YOU will show up. THAT”S when you meet someone amazing, when you’re being YOU.

Honestly you wouldn’t want someone to be attracted to NOT you cuz you’d have to be NOT you all the time which would be terribly exhausting! And you wouldn’t want someone to be attracted to the you that puts pressure on you, or they’d put pressure on you too! Same with worry! If you’re worrying, you’ll attract a worrier! Yikes!

So the best thing to do is connect with YOU and with LIFE and from fullness be YOU in the world and show up with the intension of meeting the most compatible delicious partner for you!

Definitely tell the Universe what you desire, and feel the fullness of that connection the best you can as the sun penetrates your heart, as the beauty of the flowers warm your heart, as the interactions with people fulfill you… until one day… WOW! Hi. And there he/she is.

And if connecting within or with others is a super challenge, what that means is that your heart needs some extra TLC and that’s my specialty. I help men and women awaken their grandeur and come home, at peace in their skin and at One with Life. I’d love to support this most important priority in your life with a strategy session.

Book yours at and get ready for a huge return on your investment in love life changing support. Your relationship to be IS WORTH IT.



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