Has your marriage (shhhh) become dull and boring?

Don’t worry I won’t tell.
Yet if you pretend to yourself…
If you ignore or avoid this to yourself…
If you deny that you’re not happy…
Every relationship has ebbs and flows… yet the sizzling marriages know how to shift an ebb back into a flow again.
And they don’t just that something’s WRONG, or their partner is WRONG or they are WRONG…

When I judge ourselves, others, the situation, we stick ourselves, unable to create something new.

If you’d like to get the sexy and exciting part of your marriage back, here are the first of a series of steps that work with my couple’s coaching clients.

1.    As I mentioned above, destroy and uncreate all the judgments you have of self, them, marriage, sex etc. (in Your Delicious Body DVD with myself and Dr. Dain Heer, in the mp3, he runs these potent clearing statements that will eliminate all judgment and bring you both back to a state of fresh new creative energy and sex appeal).

2.    Take full responsibility for where YOU have lost attraction to YOU! Have you stopped dressing in a way that turns you on? Have you neglected your body and gained a few pounds? Are you not turned on by your job?

3.    Then if you looked at this moment as a gift, perfect, right on ‘time’ for the next magnificent moment of growth for even deeper connection with your partner… what do you see? Is the next level of vulnerability about to open? Is the next level of speaking your truth about to break free? Is the next level of intimacy ready to be birthed? Something’s RIGHT about this. Look and you’ll find it.

4.    Ask what are the greatest, most delicious, hot erotic intimate connected possibilities available to me and my beloved? And what might that look like? What could I do differently today to shift things? Who could I be for myself and for them that might shift things?

You are so potent.
What you judge clogs growth.
What you get curious about will shift, move, expand and open.
BOTH of you are phenomenal.
BOTH of you have infinite possibilities available to you to share.
Remember they’re not the enemy.
Remember why you honor, trust and adore them.
Remember to allow YOU to be YOU, vulnerably, gratefully.
And like the couples I help to shift from surviving to thriving… if you’re ready to have a safe, honoring, wise, empowering and celebratory space holder to give you quicker, efficient effective results… while having WAY more fun than you ever knew counseling could be… I’m your choice.

I am having SO MUCH FUN seeing these couples move past where they always stop, into new worlds of honestly, connection and profound sizzling intimacy beyond their imaginations.

Delicious love, Allana

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