October 11, 2023 |

My Kind of Resolutions for 2018!

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Most common resolutions:

  • Exercise More

  • Lose Weight

  • Eat Healthy

  • While these resolutions are practical and fulfilling in their own way, I have my own type of resolutions.

    Sex Resolution #1: LESS IS MORE: Quality over quantity people. One GLANCE across the room can make me wet. Yet one rough disconnected unaware ‘rub’ can contract me into my shell, yes? Open your heart. Breathe into every hundred trillion cells of your body. Connect to the Earth beneath your feet. Then look at your partner, embrace them and BE FULLY THERE. Then ‘do’ whatever is natural. Trust yourself 😉 I swear that kind of intimate connection is HOT!

    Sex Resolution #2: TALK TO YOUR VAGINA/PENIS: When we’re on the dating scene and we’re aching for touch, lonely for connection and often horny as hell… we ONLY let our genitals do the talking. I recommend blending your conscious awareness, your heart and soul…. with your vagina/penis and have a chat before you decide to have sex. Literally on a date feel free to excuse yourself to the bathroom and have a chat with your body parts. Do you feel honored? seen? safe? turned on? respected? aligned? Make sure it’s a full body mind and soul decision… then you won’t have anything to regret sex wise 2018.

    Sex Resolution #3: ASK FOR WHAT YOUR DESIRE: How many times do you really desire it a little slower, harder, to the left? How many times do you WANT to say something but don’t? Want to DO something but hold back? Make a commitment to be bold and courageous. Put on… well take OFF! your big girl panties ladies and ASK for what you desire. How? Use a ‘sandwich’. Bread: I adore having sex with you. Meat & Cheese: It would make me sooooo juicy if you’d go even slower when you caress me. Bread: I am the luckiest woman on the planet to have a lover like you. (sandwiches work for guys too xox)

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