October 11, 2023 |

What are Your Feelings on a Free Pass?

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Q: You asked,”Allana, is it ever ok for a couple to agree to a “hall pass”?

A: I believe there’s nothing wrong whatsoever with a couple agreeing to a hall pass, yet if it’s not done consciously with rules, understanding, mutual consent and what if strategies, that you can destroy your relationship beyond repair. While I”m never interviewed him (and this reminds me to invite him on Intimate Conversations LIVE) I’ve heard of a man named Reid Mihalko who speaks on polyamory. I would research him and see what advice he gives. I understand he gives workshops on the topic.

And lastly, I would ask you to inquire into the reason beneath the reason that you want to have sex outside the marriage. It could be indeed that you’ve never had sex with anyone else on the planet. It could be that your partner and you are not erotically matched and one partner is highly unexpressed and unfulfilled. Yet it could be that you haven’t found the courage, vulnerability or intimate connection to truly communicate honestly about what you desire… you’ve been unwilling to go on tantra workshop weekends or dive into erotic film or literature together. Before pulling the trigger, I would most certainly get professional guidance for a few sources until you find one that resonates deeply with both partners so that this exploration servers to expand not destroy what you’ve built. I would be honored to be that mentor to awaken your sexual grandeur. My strategy sessions are found at I welcome the possibility of creating the most elevated journey possible for you and your partner.


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