How to enjoy your body and celebrate the way it gloriously is.

How to enjoy your body blogSo I’ve been ‘on the road’ for a month and a half, out of my usual workout regime. Some weeks I’ll hike three times, other weeks I’ll sit on my cute ass in a cabin and write. I haven’t pole danced in over TWO MONTHS and I think I’ve put on about 3 pounds… not huge, but my jeans are tight.

We each have our own relationship with our body, whether we’re an elite athlete or carrying 50+ pounds… and given I started my relationship with my body hating it, scrutinizing it, taking laxatives, poking, prodding and finding fault with EVERY glance in the mirror, unable to sit relaxed with friends for worry I would let go of sucking in my belly… NOW I am super grateful to make friends with my few extra pounds.

I enjoy my body by wearing clothes that it feels sexy in… if the jeans are tight then it must mean the boobs are looking fab so I shift to a tight top and a flowing skirt. I talk to my body and this morning I honestly asked it if it’s at it’s ideal weight to feel vibrant alive and energized. It got heavy, contractive which means no.

So I began to lovingly ask it questions as if it’s a puppy that I’ve ignored a bit… Do you like the clothes I dress you in, love? Yes. Would you like me to eat less, sweetness? No. Would you like me to drink less alcohol? No. Drink more water, love? Yes? Exercise more, gorgeous? Yes. Do you like the exercise I’ve been doing? Yes. Just more often? Yes. Would you like more sex, you sexy thing? Yes. Even if it’s by myself? Yes. Are you holding onto weight because you’re feeling attacked, scared, in hiding? No. I just need to move your cuteness more often? Big YES.

So that’s just an example of how I speak to my body. I don’t assume I know what it needs. I ask. I address it with kindness and cute names to show I care. I get curious about what it requires and trust it when I order from menu’s or go grocery shopping. I am not Paleo, Vegan or Raw… yet for weeks at a time my body asks for those types of eating, so I give it what it wants.
It always wants chocolate. Just sayin’…

I literally ask it what it wants to wear, if it wants to have sex with someone or not, (if it will get pregnant or not) if it wants to work with a prospective client or not, where it wants to travel to next, if it wants to sleep in or get up and move…it’s become my best friend and the cool thing is that it responds without me having to really watch my weight.

I also haven’t had to go to the doctor. My body CLEARLY made it’s point to me with changing my living/custody situation this past spring with a huge painful shingles breakout before I took action and went to my lawyers to create a new parenting plan. The VERY next morning after taking action on that the inflammation was GONE.

Also curiously, I’ve been dealing with adult acne for ten years (been married to my ex for one year and divorced 9) and since I changed the custody situation, my skin is virtually clear and these people I just met said they thought I was 35 (i’m 43). Treating ourselves and our lives as the most precious treasures imaginable… DOES reflect in our body with vitality, clear skin, weight loss and youthful zest.

So what’s the benefit of berating your bod? None as far as I see it. Yet what’s the benefit of making friends, taking ‘nice’, asking questions and taking actions that honor your bodacious’ness? Skies the limit.

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