Have your kids become your social life?

Moms who spend time with their kids have lost their identity. Their kid’s win is their win. When considering coffee with a friend, what can she say about HER? Her dreams? Growth? Desires? Challenges? Evolution as a woman? It’s a catch 22 which keeps moms alone from adult stimulation and nourishment while deepening the pressure on kids to be her fulfillment, also alienating her from her potency, sensuality and intimate connection with her husband. The solution is to take MOM Time. I adore coaching women INTO their new selves for there is no going back; it’s about how mama gets her groove ON! Granted moms need to be organized, creative and learn to say no so every request, but soon putting her oxygen mask on first results in more confidence as a woman, more patience and playfulness as a mom, more ravishing sensuality as a lover and a radiant inspiration to all she meets… selfish is not a dirty word, see the wisdom, sanity and nurturing gifts that regular MOM time gives to her family, her friends and her soul.

A great way to start to take Mom Time while learning tips, tools and mindsets (and heart resonating insights) about how to get your personal unique groove on as a Mom, patient, playful, ravishing, confident, peaceful and in your glorious power, give yourself my book and invest in it tonight.

Missing Handbook To Motherhood Every time you read it, or listen to, you feel heard, gotten, inspired and home. From my deepest heart, Allana


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