Living Sexy on Success TV with Allana Pratt

I had the most delicious time with Beryl and Mel of Wired for Success TV talking about juicy living, curing the nice guy, being bold and authentic and kind to ourselves as we grow and expand. You’ll giggle and be inspired as if you were right there with us.

I shared about how sexuality is such a heavy subject, filled with so much judgment, shame, and guilt. I had hidden much about my authentic nature trying to look good, be approved of, chosen by men etc. It was exhausting! AND I only attracted men who liked the pretend me, not the real me! Now that I’m the real me, I am not only attracted to men who appreciate the real me (which is far easier and expansive to be!!!) I am also having this authenticity reflect itself through all I do in my career. Saying Hell Yes or Hell No to different opportunities is so much easier when I KNOW the depth of who I am, what I stand for, what turns me on, and what I’m here to contribute.

Technology is so wild as they are in the UK and we had a 3 way Skype split screen… simply outstanding to see them, hear them, laugh and connect. Their questions were honoring yet probing and I thoroughly enjoyed what came through to uplift you all from the boardroom to the bedroom. I am sure it’s the first of many conversations as these two are truly conscious delightful and wonderful women.

Enjoy~! Deliciously, Allana

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