It all lead to this… The past 21 days I have been completely transformed by being Brave, Bold, and Raw with each of you. This journey together began with a dream (Kelly Sullivan-Walden) and came to the climax as I spoke with Adam Gilad about cultivating intimacy, wealth, and spirit (and Earth Root!). It went by SO fast! This whole experience has been delicious ’till the last drop!!
Here are some juicy highlights from Day 19 through Day 21…

rori-hands-upDay 19 – The amazing Rori Raye! She is such a gem… I can’t go to an event without somebody bringing up her name, she has such a fantastic reputation of authenticity and kindness. She is a blessing to so many people’s worlds and such a blessing to mine! Rori shared the story of her beautiful 20 year marriage, and how it wasn’t always like that. In fact, it was pretty horrible for the first five years, and horrible in the same way all her previous relationships were. She told us that before she met her husband, she was the Crumb-Taking Queen when it came to men. She had so little self-esteem and practically no boundaries at all. The only thing she did well was to try to control and manipulate everyone and everything in her life – in a very sweet and smiling way. But, she started making small changes in what she said and didn’t say, and what she did and didn’t do, and – amazingly – her marriage did a 180 practically overnight. Rori also talked about the importance of staying present, expressing how you feel, and flirting with nature.

08_Dain_5475_MODDEDDay 20 – How does it get any better than Dr. Dain Heer ?!Seriously, he is so awesome! I’m sure you have heard of him, he is the Co-Creator of Access Consciousness (R), which consists of a pragmatic set of tools, techniques and philosophies that allow you to create dynamic change in every area of your life. Dain’s unique perspectives on personal transformation is unlike anything else in the world. He invites and inspires people to greater conscious awareness from total allowance, caring, humor and a deep inner knowing. Dain taught us some of the tools that can easily change the things that are limiting us and open up a space where we can step into receiving the BIGGER possibilities that are available! He explained energetic transformation and how it can quickly and dramatically change awareness of what we are capable of. He led us through exercises that help us get to a state of consciousness where everything exists and nothing is judged…including ourselves. Then, I asked Dain to share with us what it meant to him to be Brave, Bold and Raw, and you’ll love what he had to say! This is not an interview to miss!

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 4.32.25 PMDay 21 – Adam Gilad joined us all the way from the Dominican Republic,where is currently living. He has spent the last 8 years leading both men and women into robust, fearless dating and intimate lives. Adam is a unique dating and communication expert and is also a really great guy, friend, and colleague (he’s humble too…LOL). What a great way to wrap up the last 20 days! Adam told us about the new path that he is on to crate the ideal existence. His new life motto, “What else can I do in this paradise?” He explained that living leaner, cleaner, more committed and being open to taking on the journey and digging deep to finding “him”. He shared with us how he realized he didn’t know himself when he first became single, and was walking around the grocery store when he found himself asking “Do I like you, or do I eat you because that’s whatweate?” And, that was the first moment he realized it was time to creating a BOLD new life! Adam and I also reminisced about our spiritual journey with Ayahuasca, aka “Earth root” and how eye opening the experience was. Then, Adam spoke about how too many people live behind masks and live in fear, which is why it’s so hard to find love. He said “In fact, they rarely find anything but confirmation that the world is a mirror of their fear and negativity.” He’s so refreshing! I hope you check out this interview on the replay!
What a pleasure it has been to interview and get intimate with all of these truly spectacular people! If you missed any of it, don’t worry! You can order your very own copy of Brave, Bold & Raw and get every single interview on a USB plus tons of other awesome goodies! You can do that right here:

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