How to End a Date With Zero Connection | HeartMates

How to End a Date With Zero Connection | HeartMates

You’ve landed a date and at the beginning, the possibilities are endless.

Could this be the one?
What things do we have in common?
Is he funny?
Will she get me?
Do we have the same views?

The evening progresses and at the end of the date, your realize the “zing”, that “feel-good”, that connection is missing. There is no fire, not even embers.

So what do you do? Do you promise to call or text with no intention of ever speaking to this person again?

Do you lie and say you had a wonderful time but something came up and you have to go?

How do you disconnect from this person with grace and ease?

Keep watching. It is easier than you think and you can both walk away feeling appreciated, respected, and full of gratitude.

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