Do you only tolerate your body… in the dark?

There was a time when I wasn’t present to what people were saying. I was checking that my stomach was in, that I didn’t let them see my profile (pre nose job) and I most CERTAINLY would be very conscious of lighting when I undressed in front of someone… and making sure I showed the non-cellulite angle when making out.

That time sucked.

Such self-judgment. So unfulfilling, needy and disheartening.

How about you love? Do you have to turn out the lights when you have sex or shy away when getting dressed?

Would you let me help you embrace your sexy body?

And would you let me introduce you to the master who helped tip me over the edge and become judgment free of my body, so much so that I’m now joyfully writhing in pole dancing class?

Dr. Dain Heer of Access Consciousness. After interviewing him on my weekly IntimateConversationsLIVE show, and attending his Being YOU, Change the World workshop (which I highly recommend), I asked him to co create a DVD/CD for people who have body issues, sex issues, intimacy issues, relationship issues… and we created Your Delicious Body.

It friggen’ blew my mind, for as I interviewed him, ALL this stuff came up of mine, of my clients and we didn’t just talk about it, he CLEARED the limitations right there on the spot. Access Consciousness has this most remarkable clearing process that I’ve integrated into my 15 yr. coaching practice with outstanding results for my clients.

Then Dain completely over delivered when he recorded the clearings mp3. Not only did he include all the clearings from our 5 videos, he added TONS more to the point that I was floating, soaring, expansive and ALL OF ME by the time I finished listening to them. He is a gift. I’m different. And YOU will be different.

What if you no longer battled your body?

What if you were so intimately connected to you, that you could finally share that with another to the core?

What if every judgment by you or from others about sex was GONE? Like GONE!?

What if you could be with your partner, so fresh, so new, so YOU that it was like the first time all over again? And you could access that sense of newness over and over and over?

This is just the beginning of what’s possible.

This is the real deal.

I am humbled by how magnificent this program is.

And I KNOW it will resonate with you when you see the teaser video- if you’re like many others… your body screams YES!!!!! Please!!!!!

Honor that delicious body of yours with this phenomenal gift.

Huge love, Allana

Click here for Your Delicious Body by Dr. Dain Heer and Allana Pratt

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