Stressed Out Balancing MOM Time & KID Time – Take a Family Vacation

5 Keys to Creating the Family Resort Vacation You’ve Dreamed Of

Featuring the Westin Mission Hills, Rancho Mirage, CA

1. Dream It

First you have to actually give yourself permission to dream. For years I made the best of my situation, responding to the limitations in my world, and putting pretty pictures on the walls of my self made prison. Then one day it dawned on me that if I’d created this life, I could create another. I might not know how, yet I could choose something else. So I gave myself permission to dream about the life I choose as a sexy single mom, luxurious vacations and all…

2. Get the Energy

Next I let myself truly feel, sense in every cell of my body, what it would feel like to be at a glorious resort, feeling cool, trendy and gorgeous as we check in wearing my sexy Maxi dress from Single Dress, my son enjoying Kids Club while I savor a glorious massage, relaxing by the pool while he soars down the water slides… and also the feeling the joy of sharing a big King bed with him and snuggling in the morning, and the exuberance of playing air hockey in the games room even if he kicks my butt, and seeing his excitement when we walked into our big suite and he ran onto the big bed with his stuffed animal bear we take everywhere…

3. Take Action

Next I had to create this in the real world. So I began to go online, researching getaways within 2 hrs of my home in Pasadena, and remembered the time my Dad had put us up at the Westin Mission Hills when he was a snowbird for 3 months from Canada. I discovered they had a Kids Club, beautiful Spa, two pools with Water Slides, an amazing Hide Away Games Room and a great big suite with living room, dining room, King size bed and gorgeous bathroom that would make us feel like royalty… plus wonderful early Fall pricing specials as they were reseeding their magnificent golf course!

4. Receive it

Now this part is often what stops most moms. Receiving. We often go into question. Do I really need that? (No! not to survive, but to thrive in patience, radiance and joy you do!!) Do I really deserve to take my hard earned money to spend on pleasure? (Yes! Our kids are kids for a short time! Yet memories last a lifetime! And time to intimately connect, heart to heart with them NOW serves you later when they need to talk with someone trusted about big life choices). Can I really afford it? (Yes! You can’t afford NOT to! When mama’s happy, everybody’s happy and your whole family will flourish when YOU are patient, playful, present and your power as a peaceful glorious woman!)

5. Inspire Others

Now that I have replenished, rejuvenated and I’m back to my old self again (and my son is also more alive, more expressed with wonderful memories and closer to me than before we left) I am truly a woman who walks her talk. I don’t need to brag or give unsolicited advice, yet when people ask if I got a facelift… I can say Thank you! Yet actually I went away for 3 nights with my son. We had way more fun then we ever knew possible, that the waiters, golf cart drivers and kids club staff LOVE us, that I’m proof that ‘pattern interrupters’ like mini vacations are JUST what I needed to remember who I am, what my priorities are and that I encourage every mom to gift herself with a getaway so she can bask in gratitude for being a mom, for being alive.





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