Johnny Depp, single, datable on the market? Why?

Depp, arguably one of the sexiest celebrities out there, is single, datable, on the market. We ponder… why?

Vanessa Paradis & Depp, who chose to go against the grain of traditional marriage, confirmed they have “amicably” parted ways and appealed for privacy for the sake of their two children.

What’s magnificent as a Relationship Coach is that they showed 14 years is possible outside the confines of a socially expected structure of marriage.

What’s humbling for myself, who support couples in strengthening their marriage or ending it with grace and honor, is that marriage or cohabitating, neither guarantee a love that lasts forever.

As an Intimacy Expert, I believe it’s time we dissolve the judgments that staying together is inherently good or right and moving on is inherently bad or wrong. What if instead, we focused on what works, on the quality of experience, of living one’s Truth.

Staying together, fighting every day, bickering in front of the kids, is destructive to the children’s development. I lived through that as a child.

A stable environment is key. Having two thriving amicable parents that live in different homes can be far more empowering for children than living in a warzone.

I champion their request for privacy, for while they are celebrities, their reason for ending the romantic phase of their relationship is their business. And yet I have a feeling they may have a unique viewpoint on love, relationships that could benefit us all.

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