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It’s Been Way Too Long Since I Sealed the Deal

Q: It has been so long since I have had sex that I can’t even get myself to completion. I get bored part way through and just give up! What is wrong with me?

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She Wants More Kids. I’m Done!

Q: My wife wants more children and while I would do anything to make her happy, we just can’t afford it. She doesn’t want to work, she just wants to stay home and take care of the kids. What can I do to get her to see my point of view?

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Whining Husband Won’t Shut Up!

Q: My husband is a feeler/emotional individual and I swear he is going to drive me insane. We are going through a lot of different things and while it may affect me more than him, he complains more than me. Help!

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Her Mouth Says Fine but Her Body Says Otherwise

Q: My girlfriend isn’t the best with communicating her feelings to me. I have been hit one too many times with the “fine” answer only to find out from someone else that she was angry.

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Dating Sites – Hot or Not?

Q: Are dating sites still considered to be taboo and only for desperate people or are they more mainstream now? Read More →

She Doesn’t Love Me but Won’t Leave Me!

Q: I believe my wife no longer loves me and I have no idea why! I have flat out asked her and she has told me she doesn’t…but she won’t leave. Why would she stay with me if she doesn’t love me anymore?

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