Shame, the dark secret in America

Never have I been so clear about what I love to do, what I am honored to hold space for…  I love to go into the darkness and be with the shame, guilt and punishment that we inflict upon ourselves… and help heal that, release us from that, shine light on the blind spot so we can see again, shine again, soar in totality.

The amazing David Matthew Brown interviewed me on he show and we dove into the conversation of Shame… the dark secret in America. Can love heal it? No one wants to admit they are ashamed. Some are willing to admit they feel guilty for being happy, for taking time for pleasure, for being successful. Yet few are really wiling to shine, to own their magnificence, to give unapologetically from the overflow they have created for their life, unwilling to sacrifice and instead, stand tall and inspirational as an invitation for those to join them in their grandeur.

Listen to the interview here >>>> David Matthew Brown Interview – Shame

David and I talked about shame about our bodies, our sexuality, our success, our dreams, our desire for time away from our kids, time alone without obligations… all the ways that shame or guilt disconnect us with God, from Source, from our light and our truth. All the ways that we defend, judge, blame others or ourselves instead of simply soften our hearts, open in vulnerability and strength and speak our truths.

I am so grateful for this interview for it points toward the deep work I do with people in private sessions. I am not sure how I come across for I talk a lot about dating and being sexy, yet the truth is that the depth of work I do with private clients is very sacred, reverent, potent and healing. I have the privilege of being the one person they have told their secrets to. I am honored to be potentially the only person who hasn’t judged them for being who they are. I am humbled by the grace that permeates a session when shame and guilt are dissolved and they rest into their heart, home at last, at peace with who they are, loved unconditionally, honored for their grandeur.

Intimacy Expert is what I’ve chosen to call myself thus far on my journey… Intimacy… Into Me I See… I am honored that people let me inside their Souls to see the good, bad, ugly… the works! And I get to love whatever I see into fullness again. I get to shine a light into the darkness. I get to facilitate the space that allows for grace and magic to change lives. I am humbled beyond words and grateful beyond measure.

Enjoy this interview. May it touch you deeply.

With all my love,


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