Men..Do You Know the Four Stages of Love?

What does it take to be happy during all the stages of love?

I never set out to coach men, yet I find I am a perfect fit to awaken their confidence, nobility and sex appeal at any age from 22 to 72.  What does it take to be happy during all the stages of love? The key at every stage is kindness to self and openness to what’s possible. Yet here are tips for each stage:

Exploratory: Men, it’s time to discover what turns you on, makes you tick, awakens your fire, and opens your heart. Don’t give your power away to whether she likes you or not. Just enjoy discovering you and enjoying women. Learn to honor good women and watch how their light will bring out the best in you.

Solidifying: Men, be sure to not let other’s opinions of how to do relationships, how to have sex, how to be intimate sway your deepest truth. Dive into what’s true for you, get acquainted with your authentic self, be the leader of One- You. Honor and celebrate your women, yet don’t give yourself away to be enough. You are already phenomenal.

Thriving: Men, by now you have failed, fallen, gone broke, lost a loved one, gotten sick, been betrayed. Now is the time to get back up, forgive yourself and others, define yourself by your essence not your accomplishments, truly become unstoppable, unwavering and calmly confident in being a man. Such a turn on to women.

Caregiving: Men, you’ve risen, fallen, risen again… what wisdom can you inspire in younger men, what radiance can you receive from a woman to fuel your legacy with ease and joy? How can you savor life and still be open to what’s possible?

Allana Pratt – Relationship Coach xo 

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