Sexy Moms Create Fun and Embrace Life!

To me being a sexy mom is about embracing activities with my child deliciously vs stressed out, overwhelmed and empty. It’s like washing dishes with music playing, it’s a choice to do even the most mundane chores joyfully or begrudgingly.

So this past spring break, I embraced some hikes we took wearing more sexy hiking gear, or bringing succulent picnics… even inviting a good male friend along on one, so I could experience being supported and my son could have some nature time alone man to man.

Ask what would it take for this adventure to be nourishing, joyful and sexy for me? You’d be amazed how a little lip gloss, some funky music music and an adventurous attitude can turn an obligation into an empowered choice to connect meaningfully with your child.

Allana Pratt Sexy Mom expertEven grocery shopping with my son in the buggy, legs over the edge cuz he’s so big, covered in fruit and veggies, beaming and joking is enough for us to get comments of how happy we seem… if I slow down, welcome the yummy joy a chore can become, I savor the moment and even inspire others!

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