Your Past Relationships are not a Reflection of Your Worth


After two divorces, it became clear I was attracted to the wrong type of guy. First I was the damsel in distress- that marriage crashed and burned. Second time I decided to be in charge, my way or the highway, failure again- this time as a single motherless mom.

Thus I took on 15 yrs of study & began coaching men and women from around the world on experiencing true intimacy. I have learned one potent key: every relationship is an opportunity for growth and healing, yet it’s up to US if we step up, grow up and soar.

So, the good news is you’ll be attracted to someone who is mirroring what’s going on inside you… if you are empty, needy, seeking validation, you will find a mirror to trigger your wounds so you can heal from Mom or Dad.

If you don’t blame this partner for triggering you, and instead do your work to forgive, appreciate yourself, acknowledgement your gifts no matter what anyone else thinks, and start to celebrate the uniqueness of you… you’ll feel confident, fabulous and in love with YOU!

Even if you choose to bless and release this relationship, it was the catalyst for you to come home to the magnificence of you!!! so you can ammically break up with gratitude!

Or, as you’ve taken full responsibility for your growth, maybe your partner does too and you both shift into a healthy partnership where two conscious people, dissolved of judgment and blame, can adore one another for the unique contributions you offer, and you soar into more and more possibilities!

So turn off your ‘failure’ sign, my friend, that you’re attracted the wrong type. You’ve done a PERFECT job of attracting the most elegant situation in which to grow, heal, shift and transform into the Best You!

Whether or not this partner comes along for phase 2, it isn’t a reflection of your worth! So celebrate the journey of relationship and stay open to receiving true intimacy, celebration and fulfillment because you’re taking the time for loving yourself from the inside out.


  1. Is never easy to accept that you are attracted to a wrong guy? You feel so losing something and asking why… Thank you for sharing this Allana.

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