October 24, 2023 |

S11 | Intimate Conversations: Soul Medicine- Giving up the Doing… for Being – with Tori Gordon

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Talk about an old soul. Tori experienced an incalculable loss that led to a wakeup call asking, what is really important to me? She let go of chasing status or a false sense of external belonging and began to face and feel her deepest emotions. This awakened bravery to step into the unknown, leave the corporate world, a marriage and her home. Breath work, medicine, meditation and yoga supported her in asking a new question, Can I be with this? What's it going to take to be with this? What if I let go of being liked for being loved and seen? Soon she found her soul family in Vegas with no drama, inclusivity and a lot of fun. She had to step up and invite them, be the activation of this community, a willingness to ask for what she wanted and let go of the outcome. She gave up the doing and the performer and is living her dream life. She's rested in assurance that she's okay exactly as she is, exactly as life is.

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