Since working with you, I see things differently. Feel like a new person. I want to thank you. Lots of people notice changes in me. I just got back from a long weekend with some friends. Got into a car accident on the way home. I came home to Janine not in a good state. Even with my back being weak, I stayed there, listening to her emotions. Listened to her being tired, being frustrated with her sisters. her job, and life. It was not the old Dave, who would try to run from it. I was proud of myself, I stayed there, stayed in the fire, it felt empowering. I’m actually doing it. I was looking at old pictures of myself today, and I saw a different person in those pictures. I saw a good looking guy, I never saw that in myself before. With all this work I’ve been doing on myself, I see the world differently now. I see the beautiful clouds and sky. I see the flowers. I see the beauty in everything. I see the beauty in Janine in just talking to her and looking in her eyes while doing that. Send her playful text messages throughout the day. I know, I’m a constant piece of work, I finally love myself. It’s a wonderful feeling. I have a consistent breathing practice. I was out a few weeks ago. I got up and danced on the pole…..LMAO. I was just going to say “I’m not very good” but that would be judging myself. I don’t do that as much or other people for that matter. This weekend I have to map out my next move and what I can do to help others. Can’t stop now. I’m more open than I’ve ever been and it feels great. Love you and thank you

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