I have worked with at least 15 or more therapists and coaches over my lifetime. Allana Pratt is by far the best coach I and my partner have ever worked with because she models vulnerability, authenticity and non-judgment so artfully. I trust her. Without a doubt I go deeper, faster than with any other practitioner. Her own vulnerability, honesty, playfulness and deep experience and intuitive skills makes it possible to uncover truths that have laid hidden and guarded my entire adult life. The work with my partner is profound because he is also in a deeply trusting, open, safe space. I am not sure we would be together today without the work and without being held so artfully while we explore our most vulnerable places together. We are each having profound new awareness of the core issues that block our intimacy with ourselves (that we often blamed the other for). We are finding that the separate work and then coming together is a game changer and we are each happier and more hopeful about every facet of our lives. She is so balanced in her own masculine and feminine energies that makes so much possible in holding couples beautifully in brutally hard places. If you are alone, if you are struggling inside a failing relationship or if you want to deepen intimacy with yourself, a partner or the world itself she has mad skills.

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