Kara Elise Campbell

Kara Elise Campbell


Damn I love this woman. And she’s 20 weeks glowing in pregnancy! I love how this embodiment expert is being gentle with her growing hips and thighs, how she’s reframing her worth… she used to derive so much fulfillment and worth from being productive… yet with being pregnant she’s seeing that her worth is way beyond what she accomplishes… she’s a radiant gift just because she exists. She shared how she and Caleb use ownership language “I”m feeling…” rather than accusations to dig or poke each other. They ask, Do you have the capacity to listen now? which honors the other and gives them the space to choose now or later. We spoke of being an internal or external processor and being in allowance if your partner has a different style than your own. We spoke of the power of radical self trust and even had a shared Ah-ha about how to deal with conflict! And although she’s the pregnant one, at the end she helped ME remember what I had forgotten… hysterical. You will LOVE this conversation. xoxoxo


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Meet Kara

Kara Elise Campbell is a dating and embodiment coach based in Nashville. She empowers women to come back home to their body and get clear on what they want so they can create the space to invite in healthy relationships. As a former celebrity chef, Kara is a big believer that food is a modality to help us connect to our bodies, and when we connect to our bodies, we unlock our lives.
Kara works with women who are frustrated with feeling alone, insecure, and disconnected from their lives and are seeking a community of like minded women to connect and gain clarity on the relationships they have with themselves, their bodies and others.
By creating safe spaces and helping women reframe their sense of self, Kara has helped hundreds of women feel connected to and at home in their bodies and their lives. She has worked with clients all over the world to remind women what it means to truly live a nourishing life.



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