Kara & Caleb Campbell

Kara & Caleb Campbell


I want to be Kara and Caleb when I grow up. Seriously they are the embodiment of a conscious couple. They both individually do their work AND share doing with the work with each other, giving the gift of co-regulation for one another so they can more easily regulate… what do I mean? Instead of taking things personally, blaming or closing off… they practice being spacious for one another, allowing what the other’s triggered by, inviting them gently back to presence, listening without judgment, giving the gift of patience and honoring each other’s death of old identities and wobbly shaky birth of a deeper truer self fueled by knowing. They both spoke of expansion in a REALLY wise way… you HAVE to listen to this as it will ground your evolution… they have a WISE way of looking at pain AND a conscious way of being with the word NEED. Kara is certainly the most radiant I’ve ever seen her and while I only recently met Caleb… he’s already owning more of his voice being with Kara. You will be inspired magnificently by the soon to be parents conscious couple. Listen to their last words of inspiration and take to heart their invitation. HUGE LOVE, Allana


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Meet Kara & Caleb

Kara Elise Campbell is a dating and embodiment coach based in Nashville. She empowers women to come back home to their body and get clear on what they want so they can create the space to invite in healthy relationships. As a former celebrity chef, Kara is a big believer that food is a modality to help us connect to our bodies, and when we connect to our bodies, we unlock our lives. Kara works with women who are frustrated with feeling alone, insecure, and disconnected from their lives and are seeking a community of like-minded women to connect and gain clarity on the relationships they have with themselves, their bodies, and others.
By creating safe spaces and helping women reframe their sense of self, Kara has helped hundreds of women feel connected to and at home in their bodies and their lives. She has worked with clients all over the world to remind women what it means to truly live a nourishing life.

My name is Caleb and I grew up on a farm in Texas where I walked a pig. Yes, a pig. I also played football and I was kind of good.
Football landed me at West Point where I would start all four years and make national news when I became the 2nd player in the history of West Point to get drafted in the NFL. (I had to wait 2.5 years before I could play because of a policy reversal, but that’s the longer version. See below)
But, it was in the NFL, the middle of my child-hood dream and the very thing I’ve been chasing my entire life, that I began to self-destruct.
Despite being the biggest , fastest and strongest I’ve ever been, all the pain I ignored and masked as ambition was coming to the surface and I could no longer hide behind the facade that I spent years perfecting.
Like a bomb, the NFL applied just enough pressure on my heart and it left my life in fragments.
Knowing that something needed to change, I somehow found the courage to make a soulful shift that would forever change my life. Through a series of unexpected events, I found myself packing my bags and moving to Canada where I would go on and become a glorified janitor of a church so that I could began to heal the emotional trauma that was keeping me stuck and miserable in life.
No seriously. I slept on the basement floor of a boiler room, worked for a church and created the physical and emotional space that was needed for me to begin to heal and I’ll never be the same.








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