Johnny Elsasser

Johnny Elsasser


OK, how amazing is Johnny? This was a jam packed inspirational practical and delicious conversation. Going from an elite special ops soldier to entrepreneur has taught Johnny about the Art of Masculinity. He’s learned the advantages of embracing his feminine energy of allowance, acceptance… surrendering into self forgiveness, learning to say to himself, “Bro! Take it Easy! Nobody’s perfect. We all need support. You don’t have to have it all figured out. Just show up and give to the world without expectations.” OK- what if we all talked to ourselves this way? He and his wife Taylor have learned/are learning to be even more honest with themselves, with each other and bring out the best on one another. Johnny invites us to give our selves Grace. Fill up our cup. Be brave, confront yourself and embrace your own insecurities and live with more gratitude and love. Whoa. Listen all the way to the end of his message to men, and to women who may have given up on the masculine… truly touching.


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Meet Johnny Elsasser

Johnny Elsasser

Johnny Elsasser is a Men’s Development and Leadership Coach and he is the Creator of The Wildman Experience, a program designed to help men grow and reconnect in a relaxing setting. He is the host and founder of the podcast The Art Of Masculinity – which has 40,000+ downloads. He has been interviewed on some of the top podcasts in his niche such as The Dad Edge, Free Range America, and The Rising Man. Johnny’s mission is to help men find solace in themselves by redeveloping their masculinity to be consistent with who they truly are and not what society expects them to be. He became aware of the pervasive toxic ‘alpha male’ masculinities men adopted during his military tours as a Special Operations U.S. Army Ranger. Johnny understands the trials and tribulations all men deal with as they battle to come to understand themselves as men in the savage and chaotic world of today. Get ready for a conversation with a friendly, authentic, and humble man who is passionate about helping others grow to their full potential.








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