Iris Benrubi

Iris Benrubi

Damn I love this woman. We’ve been friends for years and wow has she continued to grow, evolve, serve and shine. She is more grounded, certain and receptive than I’ve ever seen or felt. Turns out she’s moved north in Ontario and she’s doing beautiful addiction recovery work with Indigenous people. It shows not only the fulfillment she has of giving her gifts, yet also the gifts she’s received… valuing elders… valuing woman… You must listen to the yummy story of what her and her man do in the bathroom! And of the beauty of their communication that’s led to full self expression where the relationship is never at risk… we’re getting through this no matter what. Stunning. Enjoy!


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Meet Iris

Iris Benrubi
Iris Benrubi, is a Dating and Relationship expert, psychotherapist and marriage counsellor. She has spent the last 20 years professionally Coaching and Counseling men, women and couples in over 14 countries to find True Love. Iris has interviewed Dr. Phil on how to attract a Good Man and asked Mel Gibson ‘What Women Really Want’, has #1 Amazon Best Selling book “Lonely and Single to Loved and Adored”, is an inspirational and charismatic international keynote speaker most recently in South Africa.
Iris loves coaching Savvy Successful women how to attract her Lifetime Partner by showing a her how simply changing her ‘Relationship Blueprint ‘she becomes “attractive and be attracted to” the kind of partner that can make her happy and shows women how to make her relationship of a lifetime last a lifetime.
Iris has traveled in 57 countries so far and aiming for 125. She shares her life with her Love with her Soulmate that she attracted through using her own 3 step process she teaches women and when they aren’t travelling together, salsa dancing skiing or driving one of their convertibles in the rain; she enjoys riding her motorcycle, skiing and jumping trampoline.

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