Frank Rich

Frank Rich


What a fascinating life story that led Frank to lead his mission so fully! He did an exquisite job of sharing what it’s like to live a double life, a secret life of addiction. While he was tremendously successful, he was simultaneously depressed and anxious. He very clearly expresses that porn is a drug, a dopamine hit like cocaine or meth. He has a very beautiful way of expressing how he found God and dedicated his life to supporting men ending porn addiction. He’s created an incredible coaching program with tools that work, community and accountability… There’s a story he tells of a man at the end that brought me to tears. He reminds us that it doesn’t matter how long we’ve been struggling, we can succeed. You’ll be riveted by this transparent intimate conversation.


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Meet Frank

Frank Rich is a former body builder entrepreneur, men’s health coach and the host oh The Super Human Life Podcast. After living with and battling addiction, depression and anxiety for almost 20 years, he is now on a mission to help men who are suffering from the same issues take back control of their lives though the power of faith and fitness. Frank has helped thousands of men transform their physiques through his online coaching platform where he provides content, programs and services to men looking to build more muscle, drop body fat, and build their greatest bodies. He is also the founder and the CEO of the Rebuilt Recovery, a company based on a growth centric holistic approach to addiction recovery. Rebuilt Recovery provides fitness training for men going through recovery as well as one-to-one coaching for men aiming to break free from porn addiction. His goal is that by being open and transparent with his struggles and having real and raw conversations with others who have overcome adversities that he can empower you to face your darkness take control and ultimately create the life you’ve always dreamed of, your own, Super Human Life.








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