Deidre Sirianni

Deidre Sirianni


What are the chances I interview a brilliant, connected, successful, hot sister from Kamloops on my Podcast when that is the small town in Canada I grew up in? Where I was Miss Kamloops 2nd Princess EONS ago? So fun. AND she JUST fell in love and we get to suck the marrow out of the Why & How first hand fresh on the show? AND that she just committed to Becoming the One to Find the One joining our HeartMates Partnering App and USED the very Dyads we do on the Conscious Connection LIVE Calls IN THE 1ST bump in her relationship… which dissolved a trigger in literally 10 minutes. AND how she’s slowed down to listen to her intuition, honor her wobbles, heal wounds and receive what she’s wanted… WOW. Just WOW. The courage we experience when we truly slow down to listen and honor ourselves directly empowers our purpose and you’ll see, sense, feel and hear how this can happen for you, too. Enjoy!


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Meet Deidre

Deidre Sirianni
Deidre Sirianni is a TEDx Speaker, Leadership Embodiment Coach, and Activator for Truth, and Human Awakening.
Deidre is the founder of Radically Aligned and is an Accelerated Evolution Guide who believes the foundation of everything comes down to living in alignment with your purpose and truth.
Her work dissolves the illusions that are pulling you out of alignment with your higher purpose and from living it fully.
Deidre supports people in these four areas:
1) Helps you release and heal your past.
2) Integrate change.
3) Activates your highest gifts.
4) Make the biggest impact with your gifts.
She supports you through her signature programs: Turn Your Light On, The Radically Aligned Mastermind, and The Transformational Coaching Certification.
Her mission is to wake as many people up in her life to the truth of who they are and who they are meant to be
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