Daniel Friedland

Daniel Friedland


Ahhhh how I love and loved this man. Dr. Danny Friedland has passed. He inspired me more and more each time we connected. He reminded us to ask, What matters most now? Make every moment count. Living intensely loving relationships. Leave our legacy. The time prior to this interview when we connected, he was in the euphoria of dissolving the fear of death and his vibration was such an invitation into Oneness. In this interview he was the embodiment of Grounded Wholeness… choosing an attitude of compassion, openness, kindness and curiosity. We referenced the amazing Jon Berghoff of The Xchange Approach and how we can unlock collective genius and wisdom. Lastly, we all feel stressed, uncertain and doubtful from time to time…and the quality of questions we ask can elevate us through safety, love, belonging and significance…. all the way HOME inside our hearts. Get his book. Watch the YouTube Channel. Dive into his world, his legacy. You will feel the homecoming. You might even feel his presence, hear his laugh, feel his glory, feel our Oneness. xox


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Meet Dr. Daniel

Dr. Daniel Friedland is an expert in the science of high-performance leadership.

He helps leaders and their organizations:

• Transform stress and burnout into resilience

• Make smarter health, business, and life decisions

• Optimize health, relationships, and productivity

• Thrive with greater meaning and purpose

Dr. Friedland wrote one of the first textbooks on Evidence-Based Medicine, which is the way healthcare providers are now trained to make science-based decisions. He is also the author of The Big Decision, which he wrote with his then 14-year-old son Zach, to inspire and empower better life decisions at home and at work.

An in-demand international expert in applying the framework of Evidence-Based Medicine to enhance decision-making, leadership, and resiliency, Dr. Friedland has worked with Fortune 500 companies; healthcare systems and medical groups; the US Army, Navy, and Air Force; Vistage; Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO); Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO); The Global Wellness Summit; Conscious Capitalism; and leaders in the Texas and Australian governments—having delivered over 1500 programs and reaching more than 75,000 healthcare and business professionals around the world.

Dr. Friedland is the founding chair of the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine and the president and CEO of SuperSmartHealth, where he provides keynote addresses, live workshops, online programs, and executive coaching to cultivate Conscious Leadership.

“Dr. Danny” lives in San Diego, where he finds joy surfing and feels blessed to love life with his wife and two sons.








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