Chris Gibson

Chris Gibson


OMG how fun. Chris and I know each other from years ago, both entrepreneurs, both lost our moms… it’s SO GOOD to get the back story of his journey, his inner processes of coming to terms with huge success with his book Acne Free in 3 Days and all the ‘stuff’ yet choosing to slow down and BE to HEAR what was true for him. He’s thriving again with his Youtube Channel… actually OUR Youtube Channel… he’s cultivated a safe connected community of those interested in healthy skin and wellness plus anti again. This interview was days before my 52nd Bday and he looks younger than me at 58! He gave me the low down on what to add to my skin care routine with my adventure to India for my face and body. He’s a doll, huge heart, cares, is super crazy knowledgable and in his zone of genius on camera. It warms my heart to know that everything happens for a reason and reconnecting felt so good to support us all in aging elegantly, not breaking the bank with products and using products that honor Mother Earth. LIFE IS GOOD! Enjoy and check out his YouTube Channel Chris Gibson Live!


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Meet Chris

Chris Gibson is a sought-after skincare expert and holistic health coach/esthetician. He is also the Best-Selling Author of the acclaimed book Acne Free In 3 Days (1 Million+ Copies Sold) and has a very successful YouTube channel, Chris Gibson Live! The YouTube channel (110K+ subscribers) is dedicated to providing expert information and product reviews on skincare and wellness topics for both skin issues and anti-aging. His social media reach is well over 200K, increasing every day, and can bring you more listeners and subscribers. He was recently featured in USA Today on the topic “7 Freaky Chemicals In Your Skin Care Products and How to Avoid Them”. Chris has been popularly featured on CBS, ABC Family, Fox News, The Daily Buzz, and numerous lifestyle television and radio show across the country and in Canada. He is available for both television, podcast, and radio programs.








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