Candid Confessions: Allana’s Trauma Journey Home

Candid Confessions: Allana’s Trauma Journey Home


What a treat after interviewing over 850 in my life… to have you all to myself in my first solo episode! I talked to you about what trauma means, how it happens and what it looks like in an adult. I shared my experience of my own unresolved trauma and how I’m healing it with the help of the PSI protocol. This journey has shown me how life is ALWAYS for us and how trusting our BODY is key. I’ve over relied on my mind, yet it’s been my sweet body’s wisdom that has taken me back to still point and rest in a way that makes me more receptive, relaxed, open and expansive than ever before…

I also discussed:
-What it took for me to heal from childhood trauma
-The power of psychedelic medicine and somatic work
-Integrating shame, building resilience and experiencing exquisite stillness within


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