Bob Gardner

Bob Gardner


I think the universe is the coolest ever… Giving me another brother from another mother 🙂 Bob gets it. He gets that we need to embody our transformation. He gets that the body knows. He gets how the brain works. A shift in posture and breath can move emotions and train the body to let go of pain, let go of addiction to porn, not yell at our kids or our spouse, and even end the self-hatred and shaming we put ourselves through. This intimate conversation brought me to tears. In a good way. In a grateful way. Thank you for your grace as you watch. Click to learn all about the retreat is Retreat dates are Nov 9-12 (Wed – Sat)


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Meet Bob

After 18 years stuck in addictive patterns with pornography, sugar, and drugs, Bob Gardner was on the brink of both divorce and suicide. But something inside him told him not to quit just yet.

So, against the prevailing wisdom that said these problems are permanent, Bob went and created a way to permanently eliminate them from his life.

His body-based, no-nonsense approach to freedom has since helped over 1,000 people leave their struggles behind. His in-person retreats, coaching, and online resources have helped people struggling with everything from anxiety, depression, PTSD, childhood abuse, porn and sex “addiction”, other addictions, OCD, and even chronic pain finally get their life back into their own hands.

As he often says, “Freedom is a skill, not a pill. Once you’ve trained your body and mind how to do it, it will begin to happen all by itself while you continue to enjoy all the other bits of your life.”

At The Freedom Specialist we give people reliable tools and experiences to do that very thing.








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