Bob and Jasmine Gardner

Bob and Jasmine Gardner


I’m so inspired by the authenticity, bravery and practical framework that Jasmine and Bob, The Freedom Specialist, developed in their 18 year marriage with six kids. They shared about touch & go moments, asking courageous questions like, Am I even interested in life with this person?… diving deep into inquiry about what they reeeally want. It led them to a specific effective structure of communication that either integrates their emotional triggers so they can stay calm, connected and present with one another again, or it just resolves the issue. But then there was the fight where all words were rejected… for days… silence. This story will touch and inspire you as you hear what happened to bring them back together. The wisdom was that ALL they’ve ever wanted was right there at home. Enjoy 😉


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Meet Bob and Jasmine

Bob Gardner spent 18 years of his life battling frequent bouts of depression, addiction, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. As an entrepreneur, that internal struggle made him unproductive, very sensitive to any threat to his business, and very poor at making decisions that would put food on the table for his family. It bankrupted him and took him to the brink of losing his wife and kids…Until he finally couldn’t take it anymore and created a method to completely get rid of those inner demons so he could live life without the constant struggle. Since founding his company, The Freedom Specialist, he has helped hundreds of people through programs, presentations, coaching, and retreats to discover that…… stress doesn’t have to be “a fact of life” … and that happiness is a skill anyone can learn. It’s also the most reliable road to leaving behind all the things that keep people stuck in depression, anxiety, addiction, and more. If you’d like to learn more or schedule a call with his team, you can visit his website at








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