Welcome to HeartMates!

Congratulations you amazing phenomenal beings!

Welcome to Heart Mates for Couples! You have made a choice that has officially changed the trajectory of your relationship forever. For the better. Why?

First, the HeartMates Intimacy Training program works because you’re supported each week to achieve short yet potent goals. You’ll experience accomplishments each week, wins, insights, reasons to appreciate your growth, moments to open your heart to love, and maybe even receive miracles.

Logistically you will receive 1 short email each week to keep you on track…

  1. Glorious Growth: This is a special video lesson. Grab your journal and pen, perhaps a cup of tea, and dive in.
  2. Balance n’ Restore: These are quick fun audios to increase your pleasure and expand your confidence.
  3. Rockin’ Relationships: These are interviews of thriving marriages I provide with a flourishing couple to share their secrets.

Sometimes I provide a Secret Solutions Video with an inside peek at some deeper processes my Allana Pratt Method coaches do with private clients.

Perfectly Imperfect
Sometimes I filmed the videos 3 years ago, sometimes 3 months ago. Sometimes the videos are exceptionally shot and other times there are minor technical glitches. In designing heart mates, I made a conscious choice to be real. Instead of trying to be perfect which isn’t even possible, I decided to embrace my humanity, to love myself even if I’m perfectly imperfect… and I invite you to do the same about the videos, about your own sweet self, and about your relationship journey. The more we can be in allowance of all and in judgment of nothing, the more we become a safe sanctuary for our ideal partner to awaken before our very eyes.

Show up!
To ensure you get the best results just put one foot in front of the other and do the work. Show up! Consistency pays off. Momentum tips you into new realms of connection. Choose a positive attitude. Celebrate your progress. Tiny hinges swing big doors. Deeper roots create higher shoots.

Know this program has literally worked for thousands of people around the globe for over a decade. You are in great company, literally standing on the shoulders of everyday giants who have become the one to awaken the one they’re with.

You know my story. I realized that, until I owned self-love on the inside, being loved by another wasn’t gonna manifest on the outside.

You and I both know that couples who grow together- Stay together.

You get transparency by giving transparency.

You get heart connection by giving heart connection.

And so the 3 most important things to remember on our journey are:

  1. Given life is equal challenge and support, there will be easy days and hard days. Nothing’s wrong. This is real life. Keep going. We got this.
  2. From time to time, you will want to change your partner or blame them… remember this actually pushes them away so return to becoming the one and do the work.
  3. The patience of eternity yields instant results… so the more you release attachment while staying committed and celebrating the process… your life will be filled with miracles.
  4. OK, I know I said 3… but 4. Know I love you. That you are loved. That you belong. That you are enough. That you matter. That you WILL awaken more love. And the more heal your heart, the higher your vibration, the more you let go and show up as your authentic self… the sooner you will become the next success story of thriving HeartMates… because you will have first honored that HeartMate in yourself.

Ok you phenomenal beings, welcome again to HeartMates for Couples where you come to appreciate yourself… all of yourself, so that your special someone will finally come to appreciate you, too… all of you.

And so we begin. All my love, Allana xox


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