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Intimate Conversations with Bryan Reeves

Bryan Reeves is with us! If you ready to learn why relationships too often suck? Then  you will really want to join us in this months Intimate Conversations at We talk to Bryan to find out the real reason we all struggle. You can learn more about Bryan here.             

Today, Bryan live in Los Angeles. He has a Masters Degree in Human Relations / Organizational Dynamics (University of Oklahoma). A regular blog contributor to The Good Men Project, Elephant Journal, Raw Attraction Magazine, and Sexy Conscious Awake. He is also a Transformational Life and Relationship Coach. Supporting couples and individuals in creating the delicious relationships, the exquisite lives, they’re aching for.

Found Out My 16 Year Old Is Pregnant

Q: Allana, I accidentally found out that my 16 year old daughter is pregnant. I’m so disappointed.  I couldn’t find my phone so I used hers to call while she was in the shower and one of her friends sent a text that said “You’re pregnant?! Holy shit!”  We’ve always had a close relationship and I don’t want to break that bond but I also want to confront her and ask her about what’s happened.

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Your Past Relationships are not a Reflection of Your Worth


After two divorces, it became clear I was attracted to the wrong type of guy. First I was the damsel in distress- that marriage crashed and burned. Second time I decided to be in charge, my way or the highway, failure again- this time as a single motherless mom.

Thus I took on 15 yrs of study & began coaching men and women from around the world on experiencing true intimacy. I have learned one potent key: every relationship is an opportunity for growth and healing, yet it’s up to US if we step up, grow up and soar.

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Boyfriend Won’t Go To Strip Club With Me

Q: I have been taking pole dancing classes and I absolutely love it! It gives me a true appreciation for the talent of a stripper.  I want to take my boyfriend to a strip club but he won’t go.  Help!
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“Heal Your Shadow Relationships” with Nijole Sparkis

HYSR Allana Pratt Interview from Nijole Sparkis on Vimeo.

I had the absolute privilege of being interviewed by Nijole Sparkis on her show “Healing Your Shadow Relationships”. She is such a walking goddess! I had so much fun answering her questions on overcoming shadows. Here are just some highlights of what to expect.

Shame can keep us from our full power. We can overcompensate or hide from shame to hide from who we are. But if we can embrace, allow, and dissolve all resistance, we’ll know the sacred sexual being that we are! Be who you are. I mean, really embody your life force energy. You feel the energy as us and through us as we type an email, talk to a friend, or make love. There’s no separating it. It’s who we are.

We think that sexual energy is just for copulation. That sexual energy that turns heads when you walk into a room is kindness, tenderness, care and presence, encouragement. Sexual energy is also creative energy like wanting to do interviews or write a book. Sexual energy is also kinky, wanting to eat and savor something that you normally might not think is appropriate. There are so many ways in life where you can exude your gratitude or appreciation in a sensual way. It can be very subtle but can allow you to have pleasure and be alive. Let’s just live!

How can you recognize that you’re coming from shadow or have a block in this area? Basically, you feel like shit. You arrive on the scene and you’re not yourself. You’re people pleasing, overcompensating. If there’s any hesitation, that’s it.

I used to think being vulnerable is scary and weak but it’s alive. How much intuition and light can we let in? When you’re vulnerable, you’re totally connected to earth.  You have access to limitless knowledge. It’s intense. It’s the only way you can be seen. It takes courage and bravery to be vulnerable.

Tips I have for women and men with a block and how I walk them through their shadows. Women may not like to be alone. There’s a big difference between being lonely and being alone. Be connected to you and not just your friends and loved ones. Then is when you’ll know what you want to do. The answer for self-love, to be you and live a life that is in alignment with your beautiful soul is not in your mind, it’s found in your heart. Create the space so you can listen. And if you need support, (because as you go inside you’ll meet loneliness), having a coach on your way to hold space but believe in you, that balance is very effective.

Safe sanctuary is important for men. Some men have never felt that “head against breast” exhale. They need that part that’s wanted to be heard, acknowledge and celebrated to be put to rest. The next phase is to let them know that they better get off that couch and go because they’re a rock star! Once they’ve gotten calm and reconnected, they know what to do. Get them to the point that they are confidence itself, an embodiment that’s already inside. Last phase is a high five; celebrate them!

Again, I’m so grateful for Nijole Sparkis for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful event. You’ll have to watch the video to find out more about my experience in Japan and more. Juicy stuff! 😉

Deliciously yours,

Allana ~xoxo

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How do I get my Masculine Confidence back after Divorce?

Question:  Allana, I’m having trouble being assertive, turning heads as a man since my divorce. I now don’t have faith in myself. What should I do? Read More →