July 11, 2024 |

S12 | Intimate Conversations: The Rapture of Intimacy with Self with Magda Kay Part 1

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What an instant connection with Magda Kay! ‪@MagdaKay‬ We both share the same human design, being 6/2s (Hermit Role Models), and it’s fascinating when you understand someone so instantly.

Magda shared her experiences of living in a polyamorous tantric community and the healing and freedom she found there. Now, she’s back in Poland, developing a certification around Tantra and Intimacy to share her learnings.

In our energetically delicious conversation, we discussed:

* Her book, No More Faking It, where she delves into the healing and evolutionary journey of the head, heart, hips, gut, and pussy.
* Her Shadow Integrations through intense and energetic sexual tantric practices with practitioners or lovers.
* How her upbringing left scars or wounds she’s integrating to maintain healthy partnerships that contribute to her already amazing life.
* Over a decade of tantric, sexual, and spiritual practices leading to a near-constant intimate connection with herself in wholeness.
* Her ongoing discovery and creation of a world that blends the freedom and deliciousness of tantric communities with the Western world, impacting singles and couples with her knowledge.
* Our mutual agreement that intimacy and sex are so much more than the physical. I hope to meet her when I’m in Estonia, as she’s only an hour flight away!

About Magda:
Magda Kay is an Intimacy Expert, Tantra Teacher, Conscious Relating Coach, and founder of the School of Intimacy. Over ten years ago, she left her corporate job to embark on a journey through ashrams, yoga trainings, tantric communities, and ceremonies. Her work blends tantric and yogic teachings with psychology and human behavior.

Connect with Magda:

Facebook: magdakayofficial
Instagram: magdakayofficial
YouTube: ​
Special Gift: Celebrating 1 year anniversary of her book launch Magda is offering you a special discount of $0.99 for her book in May and June.

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