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Have you been hurt so many times, you’re afraid to trust again?

Here’s your opportunity to heal the wounds that keep you from attracting love.

Welcome and thank you for reaching out to see how my down to earth, proven, no bullshit expertise can support you in resolving your unconscious wounds that may be repelling the very love, connection and intimacy you desire… and deserve. I adore connecting with you intimately one on one… I provide a safe sanctuary for deep soul work that only a boutique coaching community provides where we are literally, exponentially better, together.

Love, Allana

On this call we will…

  • Go deep into the unhealed wounds that are repelling the love and intimacy you desire while making you feel safe, seen and understood.
  • Uncover your #1 blindspot and get clear on which of my 10 Allana Pratt Method Processes will heal the very wounds that keep you from becoming the one, to find the one and keep the one.
  • Reveal your sabotaging emotional bandaids that provide temporary relief yet prolong your suffering and sabotage intimacy because they block the capacity to heal your heart for good.
  • Show you how I don’t take a typical (and frankly inaccurate) approach that you’re ‘broken and need to be fixed’. Nor do I give you ‘sprinkles on top an ice cream cone of shit’ (mindset solutions of improvement that are exhausting if not impossible to maintain.)
  • Discover if you’re a fit to partner with me as your facilitator of healthy intimacy. I will reveal your core issues, heal your heart, integrate subconscious programming and calm your mind.

My 20+ yrs of training, certifications, geeking out on science mixed with vulnerable, on-the-court life experience have birthed 10 transformational Allana Pratt Method Processes. They literally turn you into a vibrational magnet for your ideal match or a catalyst to awaken soul shaking love in your current partnership. You will begin to live unapologetically, feeling sexy, grounded and deeply grateful to be alive.

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The Intimacy Breakthrough Experience is for you…

If you’re still alone, unable to find a compatible partner…

If the destructive power of heartbreak has kept you afraid to afraid to TRUST again…

If you’ve been silencing your power and settling with the one you’re with…

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Closed hearts attract incompatible partners.

Heartbreak silences your inner knowing.

Unhealed wounds create blind spots that get worse over time.

When you can’t trust, you eventually give up on love.

Let’s change that, together.

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The Intimacy Breakthrough Experience is for you…


At the end of your life, lets face it. All you can take with you are feelings and memories. Thus your love life is priceless. Your Intimacy Breakthrough Experience with Intimacy Expert, Allana Pratt is valued at $2000. 

Clients say, “I don’t know if it’s experience or just Divine Power, but she sees the truth like nobody else and completely understands you.” –Arjun

Allana says, “Avoiding the issue just makes things worse. I’m honored to connect with brave people ready to heal from the devastating wounds of betrayal and enjoy the intimate soul shaking conscious relationship they deserve.

You’ll feel safe, seen, heard and understood as you receive straight talk, profound clarity, clear direction and soulful awareness of why you’re still alone or feeling alone with the one you’re with. You’ll create a game plan on exactly how you can heal the heart wounds that keep you alone, unsatisfied or even giving up on love.

While in great demand, Allana chooses to facilitate your powerful Intimacy Breakthrough Experience Call herself. Book Your Call today for only $497.

a $2000 VALUE

**ONLY $497 USD**

Receive Two BONUSES with your Investment

BONUS #1 From Heartbreak to Heartmates e-book

BONUS #2 “Little You” Guided Meditation

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