Season 9

March  2019:

March 1st, Kim Seltzer, The Science behind Healing

I am SO blessed to be both colleagues and friends with my uplifting life transforming guests who walk their talk, just like Kim Seltzer! We are such elegant complements of one another… me inside out and her outside in… Kim literally watches heart after heart awaken when their style becomes congruent with their true self. AND their ideal mates finally SEE them because after all, 93% of communication is non verbal! Listen Now.


March 8th, Dr. Diana Kirschner, Key Secrets to Passionate Lasting Love 

Dr. Diana is SUCH an inspiration. From feeling like she didn’t deserve to be here, to finding love and thriving for so many years AND celebrating the 10 yr anniversary of Love in 90 Days… WOW! She’s a gorgeous powerhouse of possibility. Listen Now.


March 15th, Susan Bratton, Hot, Hot Sex!

I’ve known Susan Bratton for about a decade but hadn’t had a chance to get to KNOW her and the extraordinary world she’s created to support  us in being better lovers. I ADORE THIS WOMAN!!! The conversation was practical, inspiring, empowering and hot. We shared about our own personal love dens and how we prepare for love making…. We shared about how to communicate with your lover so create exquisite unapologetic tender or fierce expression of your truth. We spoke of of practices to awaken your juicy factor. Listen now.


March 22nd, Jaiya, 5 Erotic Languages

Ahhh…talk about a home coming!!! It had been quite some time since Jaiya and I connected. SO MUCH has unfolded for her soul’s evolution. She shared brave inner work she engaged in that has brought her home to truth, love and light. She shared of the exquisite evolution she’s navigated with her parter that’s both heartfelt and hot.


March 29th, Jonathon Aslay, Compassionate Dating

Such an amazing heartfelt conversation full of wisdom, laugher, authentic sharing, phenomenal insights, effective tips and vulnerable connection. I adore this man. He walks his talk. He cares deeply for his clients, colleagues, friends and self. He’s balanced in his knowing of truth, his clarity of choice, his belief and protection of women, his surrender of living in a Zen way, showing up each to LOVE.





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