Season 8

August 2018:

August 3rd, Bruce Langford, Mindfullness Mode

I had NO idea Bruce and I would go so deep so quick. His stories and life journey and current situation all weaved into a glorious lesson of mindfulness, respect, divine action and open hearted living. While a huge Podcaster with his Mindfulness Mode in over 140 countries I believe, he started as a young man with high pitched voice, anxious and confused. Listen Now.

August 10th, Morgana Rae, Money Monster to Money Honey

OMG I love this woman!!!!!! We have known each other for years, perhaps decades. She keeps getting more and more magnificent in her understanding and capacity to heal money blocks and open you to your birthright of property and LOVE. Listen now.

August 17th, Rhoberta Shaler, How to Handle Hyjackels

Wow. Dr. Shaler is PHENOMENAL. A lot came up for me during this interview for had I KNOWN all this 15 yrs ago, I wouldn’t have had to go through that hellish court battle. AND YET it was through that uncomfy cocoon that the butterfly emerged- it was through it all that I have learned what I know to share with my clients and community. Nonetheless, Dr. Shaler is spot on with her teachings on how to handle ‘Hijackals®’ relentlessly difficult toxic people and regain your sanity. Listen Now.

August 24th, Katy Zvolerin, Sex is Fun

August 31st, Bonnie Bruder, Deep Delicious Storytelling






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