Season 9

Welcome to Intimate Conversation Podcast: January 2021

2021 January 2nd, Melanie Tonia Evans, Narcissistic Abuse Recovery & Self-Empowerment

Melanie Tonia Evans is a narcissistic abuse recovery expert, healer, author and radio host and the founder of the Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program.

2021 February 3rd, Nassim Haramein, Connected Universe

Nassim Haramein has spent more than 30 years researching and discovering connections in physics, mathematics, geometry, cosmology, quantum mechanics, biology and chemistry as well as anthropology and archeology.

2021 February 10th, Ashley Stahl, Get Intimate with Your Career

Ashley Stahl is counterterrorism professional turned career coach, speaker, and author on a mission to help you step into a career or business you’re excited about and aligned with. Through her two viral TEDx speeches, her email list of 500,000 and her podcast, You Turn, she’s been able to support clients in 31 countries in discovering their best career path, upgrading their confidence and landing more job offers.

2021 February 17th, We Are Like Nature

Nature’s Reminder: Anytime we ever forget how magnificent, unstoppable and yet also how precious, tender and miraculous we are, just look at nature. Here I am in Kauai with an exercise to bring you home to your strength and your softness.

Video was originally part of Living Sexy: 30 Days to a Succulent You

2021 February 24th, Mike Goldstein, How To Text Men During The Day

I am so blessed. My ‘homey hookup’ dating and relationship colleagues are really friends. Mike and I met years ago and yet our interview today really showed me how two people can apply different paths to get to the same destination. Mike’s approach brings logic, math, and numbers to dating and you know me… I’m all heart, intuition, best of your brain, etc. Yet the more we spoke we were saying the same thing. I loved his honesty with ending his own engagement…

2021 March 3rd, Penny Slinger, Sacred Sex & Modern Dainis

Penny Slinger is a Los Angeles-based artist who has been exploring the connection between eroticism, mysticism, feminism, and art for over fifty years. Slinger mined surrealism in the 1960s and 1970s to plumb the depths of the feminine psyche and subconscious. She continues to work in many mediums including collage, photography, drawing, sculpture, and video.

2021 March 10th, Jen Mazer, Manifestation Masters

Jen Mazer is the “Queen of Manifestation.” She’s always been able to dream up outrageous adventures and actually live them out—from rubbing elbows at a small private cocktail party hosted by Martin Scorsese, to living rent-free in the East Village of Manhattan for 10 years, to paying off over $38,000 of debt in less than a year, having her artwork published in the New York Times, traveling the world, meeting the man of her dreams (a successful rockstar), giving birth at home to a beautiful daughter, and starting a green school in Africa.

2021 March 17th, Fierce Love

Fierce Inspiration : I witnessed my friend come alive, her fierceness awakened to hold her husband to his edge, unwilling to watch him drained, uninspired, complaining and even fighting colds for months, and demand from fierce love that he make a change. You’ll be amazed and inspired by the outcome.

2021 March 24th, Yanik Silver, The Cosmic Catalyst

God I adore this man. He’s the embodiment of magic. He’s willing to ask the deep questions. He surrenders to the depth, awareness and cosmic insights found in journaling. He’s created an amazing community of conscious entrepreneurs. He holds a fun cheerful expectancy to how the Universe will provide synchronicity and it seems to have expanded his TRUST in Life and FLOW of possibilities in his world. Whether you are a conscious entrepreneur, in a conscious relationship or ready to deepen your connection with what truly lights you up and why you’re even on the planet … you will LOVE this conversation. And I’d love to know if you think he looks like a sloth. Cuz he has this adorable cosmic sloth-like energy… and a damn good story to go along with it.

2021 March 31st, Discovering Love, Adam Gilad

Adam Gilad is a gender language specialist and has applied his expertise to teaching dating, intimacy, and deep eros. He began dating coaching in 2007 and teaches men and women to live more adventurously and passionately from love, not from fear.

2021 April 7th, Ultimate Relationship, Bob Tomes and Jane Warren

Relationships have life cycles and wherever yours may be at, what’s at the heart is your desire to live the fullest, most expansive, passion-filled life you possibly can. Your intimate relationships are your greatest teachers! Unfortunately being in intimate relationship sometimes involves painful, heart-wrenching choices. Fortunately they can also bring huge joy, support and evolution.

2021 April 14th, Embracing Your Sexuality, August McLaughlin

August McLaughlin is a nationally recognized health and sexuality writer, media personality and host and producer of the podcast, Girl Boner Radio, which offers a spicy blend of personal stories, in-depth reporting and inspiration. Reviewers have called the show “Sex in the City meets NPR” and the “Fresh Air of Sex” and the show frequents Apple Podcasts’ top 100 sexuality chart.

2021 April 21st, Getting Over It, Charles Orlando

Referred to as “The Malcolm Gladwell of Relationships” by the media, and “Carrie Bradshaw-meets-Hitch” by his readers, Charles engages with his 1.3M person fanbase on Facebook and Instagram where he offers free, street-smart love advice to men and women around the world. Charles has personally connected with tens of thousands of singles and couples to discover the answers to key questions that plague modern-day romance—in a world where relationships and technology collide.

2021 April 28th, Embodiment, Dain Heer

A Doctor of Chiropractic, born and raised in California, USA, Dain Heer hosts a regular radio show entitled Conversations in Consciousness on Voice of America. He has been a guest on hundreds of nationally syndicated radio shows. He also has appeared on several TV shows including ‘Fox News’, ‘Good Morning’ Shows in New Zealand, Australia and Canada, and on Gaiam TV.

2021 April 29th, Awakened Wealth Mastery, Derek Rydall

Talking with Derek is like talking with Buddha. He’s so wise AND breaks things down into the practical. We speak the same language of the inside out being our true nature… letting go of strategies and controlling outcomes. We listen to energy. We know what resonates is Grace Itself. He speaks so eloquently, poetically. It’s mesmerizing and also inspiring and practical. You’ll learn the beginnings of the Emergence Principle and Abundance Principle… about the Law of Circulation. You’ll hear in what he says and perhaps remember in your Soul that all you desire is already here… is already IN you… you’ll have a chance to receive a beautiful complimentary package from him that will reveal the true nature and source of wealth and abundance found atwww.AllanaPratt.com/derek that you’ll want to pick up… and maybe you’ll join me in his awakened wealth program that I’m drawn to participate in… I love being both a master and a student. Derek reminds us what is IN the way… IS the way… yes indeed all of life is for us… even that. Especially that. Enjoy this profound conversation and follow the bliss.

2021 May 5th, Being in the Present

Dang I love this man! He’s a soul brother for sure! I adore how his love of water, which symbolizes the world of emotions, is a super power for him to dance with uncertainty and live outside the comfort zone… which he calls the Unknown Zone. This is where you let go of control, accept what’s happening, release expectations and thrive with adaptability and gratitude. Sounds easy enough? Not really… the foundation of ALL OF THIS was revealed in stories of Self Trust. David shares his life journey from England around the globe to his current moment in flow with his boat in Antigua. He shares of navigating several relationships with honesty, integrity and truth as he continues to thrive with his wonderful son’s mother from whom he’s separated… being humble, childlike and consistently practicing being unapologetic, adventurous and kind. You’ll love the story of flipping a coin… Enjoy!

2021 May 12th, Healthy Love

Damn I love this woman. We’ve been friends for years and wow has she continued to grow, evolve, serve and shine. She is more grounded, certain and receptive than I’ve ever seen or felt. Turns out she’s moved north in Ontario and she’s doing beautiful addiction recovery work with Indigenous people. It shows not only the fulfillment she has of giving her gifts, yet also the gifts she’s received… valuing elders… valuing woman… You must listen to the yummy story of what her and her man do in the bathroom! And of the beauty of their communication that’s led to full self expression where the relationship is never at risk… we’re getting through this no matter what. Stunning. Enjoy!

2021 May 19th, Killing Buddha

Betsy just makes you want to be your most authentic exposed badass deliciously brave irreverent self. Being around her gives you permission to be exactly who you are without any apology. Her wisdom with which she create sacred ritual every morning, as a natural practice, not trying to be woo woo… inspires us all to slow down and savor life, girlfriends, authentic connection.

2021 May 26th, Queen of Hearts

Although Kim is known as The Queen of Hearts now, a better description of her 20 years ago would have been the Queen of HURTS. Men were a constant disappointment and frustration for her, a place you might be in right now, so she absolutely get it.

2021 June 2nd, Waiting For Love or Manifesting Love?

Lana is a mindset coach, law of attraction expert and author of the best-selling book Manifest That Miracle: Learn Why You Don’t Have What You Want and How to Get It. Over the past decade, She has empowered thousands to manifest what seems out of reach, including crossing 7-figures in their business, healing from a chronic illness, and meeting their ideal partner.

2021 June 9th, Digital Romance

A great interview with Nora Blake. I adore this woman. She invites us to let go of all pressure of the “One” and explore Mr. Right Now. Many of us have very full lives with work and children and friends and don’t desire or require the whole marriage and white picket fence to be completely happy.

2021 June 16th, Prevention is the New Sexy

Diana is radiantly alive and 7 months pregnant so we began by discussing the gifts of loving our bodies when we feel… well… like they aren’t our bodies! We vulnerably shared about shifting from body shame to body love. We talked about how our limiting beliefs are filled with proof… yet healthier beliefs can also be filled with proof if you just look. We both believe that personal growth is a lifestyle not a quick fix… and the benefits are profound. We explore what true confidence is and what it really means to value your sweet self. Enjoy!

2021 June 23rd, Have the Relationship You Want

It was from her own painful experiences that relationship coach Rori Raye learned the secret to helping a man fall in love and commit. Once she learned this secret, she set out to teach it to other women. She became a trained relationship coach, developing a set of tools and advice to help women create attraction, commitment and connection in their relationships.

2021 June 30th, Saving Married Sex

Wow. Our erotic selves are so young… treat each other with kindness as our erotic selves desire to be selfishly connected like a young child… touch, feel, don’t criticize differences, honor truths, celebrate pleasure, allow alone time without taking it personally. These and SO MANY other wise (and hysterical) truths unfolded in this time with the amazing Dr. Snyder about his book Love Worth Making. We agree that our mission in relationships is NOT to take care of each other or we’ll end up depleted, resentful etc… our mission is to tell the truth, have pleasure in our pleasure for each other, that arousal doesn’t mean obligation, to connect regularly and feel each other’s bodies, smell each other’s necks, feel connection and let that keep you alive while co-creating not just what she wants, or just what he wants… but a cocreation of what would work for both… that the ebbs and flows and separations can be erotic… that a woman simply being happy is highly underrated! AHHH! So much delicious simple yet profound content in this interview! SAVOR this and get his book. I’m getting it on audible for my next drive… xox

2021 July 7th, Coming Out Knows No Gender

Rick’s no virgin to bold moves. On whim, a prayer, and without a job to support his dual income life, he made a crazy move, leaving his dead end hotel career to pursue whatever would come way In Sunny Southern California. 10 years later, after 13 years marriage and becoming a father to two beautiful daughters he made the heart wrenching, yet necessary bold move to come out of the closet, living his truth as a gay man.

2021 July 14th, Anatomy of Marriage

OK, I want to be Melanie and Seth when I grow up. What I mean is that I look forward to years down the line in my amazing relationship that I can say we’re better, deeper, more in love and more awakened like they are. You are going to learn SO MUCH from what didn’t work and what’s now working in their marriage. Differentiation… I call it Allowance. They commit to no bad sex… what does that really mean? Listen in 😉 They are sooo expressed sexually, out of their heads and in their bodies more than ever… listen to HOW they do this. And lastly… how each of them have embraced doing ‘hard things’ as a way to bring their best selves to each other in the relationship. I adore them. And Mel’s earringed-headphones. And Seth’s lumber jacket. And so much more. You’ll literally be turned on listening to this. xox

2021 July 21st, Fearless Living

Rhonda Britten has been read, heard, and watched by millions, coached tens of thousands of clients, and trained hundreds of coaches. What she teaches is what she has lived.

2021 July 28th, Embodied Leadership

What are the chances I interview a brilliant, connected, successful, hot sister from Kamloops on my Podcast when that is the small town in Canada I grew up in? Where I was Miss Kamloops 2nd Princess EONS ago? So fun. AND she JUST fell in love and we get to suck the marrow out of the Why & How first hand fresh on the show? AND that she just committed to Becoming the One to Find the One joining our HeartMates Partnering App and USED the very Dyads we do on the Conscious Connection LIVE Calls IN THE 1ST bump in her relationship… which dissolved a trigger in literally 10 minutes. AND how she’s slowed down to listen to her intuition, honor her wobbles, heal wounds and receive what she’s wanted… WOW. Just WOW. The courage we experience when we truly slow down to listen and honor ourselves directly empowers our purpose and you’ll see, sense, feel and hear how this can happen for you, too. Enjoy!

2021 August 4th, How to Stop Self-Sabotaging

Missy Kalat had previously navigated life from the analytical side until she started delving into the meaning of life in the mid-2000s. The clarity on her path of spiritual awakening, discovery and flow began once she connected with Angelus, her spirit guide, in 2005. Together they co-created The Game of Optimal Being™ where Life is a GAME. They did this through Angelus’s downloading to Missy and his over 20 shamanic communications with her.

2021 August 11th, Loneliness and Defensiveness, Dr. Kelly Flanagan

Dang I love this great wise down to earth gift to humanity. It had been a few years since Dr. Kelly and I co-led a couples retreat for GoBundance… we danced with our life experience and wisdom then… and this interview was like we had just led the retreat last month… yet it had been two years! He’s since release his second AMAZING book called True Companions… we went through 2 of the 3 sections of the book… Loneliness and Defensiveness. It’s so essential to be curious about your partner’s uniqueness while coming to terms with the fact that your partner can never reeeeeeally know what it’s like to be unique you. Yet Unique You from my point of view is the unique breath of God/Goddess/Source within you… so you are KNOWN 24/7 by the Divine and in my experience personally and with couples… we can look with the eyes of God/Goddess AT our partner and literally SEE that unique spark of Divinity… AND we can be seen in our unique essence when our partner looks at us through the eyes of the Divine. The presupposition to this is connecting with an open heart, letting go of holding the other accountable (which leads to blame/defensiveness) and instead take total responsibility for our lives, our wounds and show up vulnerably as often as possible. You will WISH he didn’t have to leave for his son’s soccer practice and you could have listened to Dr. Kelly for days… in the meantime grab his 2nd book and allow his heart centered wisdom to soothe your soul and support your relationship.

2021 August 18th, Authenticity, Kristina Mand- Lakhiani


You can’t help anyone unless you’re happy… said the Dali Lama to Kristina as she was trying to come to terms with supporting refugees who had lost everything while simultaneously building MIndValley to support people in living fulfilled extraordinary lives. Yes… in this beautiful conversation spanning the experience of conscious uncoupling, parenting, lockdown, dating and more… we shared our journeys and the choice to Keep Our Light On for those until they come around in their own Divine Time to our choices that they may not agree with. Living our Truth is such a brave act. Kristina’s vulnerability, honesty, humor and truth is highly inspiring and will instantly put you at ease with your personal transformation journey. We spoke of the courage to truly spend time with yourself… and to remember we can’t live for another person… it’s too much pressure to put on them… to give space, Grace and to love all parts of ourselves that come up in that dance of relationship.

2021 August 25th, Receiving Your Ideal Match, Dr. Steve Young


What is the possibility that not only do I get to share the AMAZING Dr., Healer and inspiration of Unconditional Love Dr. Steve Young to you… but also his new beloved Sara, a Spiritual Teacher Priestess Shaman Witch extraordinary! When we booked this interview, Steve and Sara hadn’t met. Yet the Universe gifted us with not only their own wisdom, but their inner journey of what it took to come Home to Wholeness with their own Aloneness. The inner healing each of them have been on personally led to this exquisite partnering. This conversation will provide you with inspiration to keep showing up knowing the Divine is guiding you every step of the way. We spoke of sharing with children that the ending of a marriage is “making more room for even more love to come in.” We spoke of letting go of the ‘list’ of what our ideal partner will look like… and truly embodying RECEIVING the knowing, the feeling, the most ideal match for not just you, but for humanity with a partner beyond your wildest dreams. For me, many tears were shed in gratitude for these beings who have contributed to the success of my relationship with Chris. I can’t wait to shower them with love in support of their exquisite partnership for humanity. AH!!! This is a juicy conversation! You will FEEL what’s possible for you. xox

2021 September 1st, Gratefulness, Adele Spraggon


The Universe is SO GOOD to us! Adele’s wisdom around these 4 steps to help us repattern is JUST what my soul was yearning for and by the end of the interview I sense you will already have shifted. We’re aligned that the old way of goal setting doesn’t work. We agree that the true work is inside out, not outside in. We agree that judging our Little You doesn’t help. We agree that the shift is through a blend of awareness and surrender, not pushing or trying. We agree that taking responsibility that we have a pattern isn’t meant to induce shame or guilt, just discernment which feels empowering. And wow, Adele even shared about how this has transpired in her own life repatterining old identities into a truly new life trajectory and fulfillment in life. You will LOVE this!

2021 September 8th, Monogamy to Polyamory, Kenya K. Stevens


Holy shit, I lost my shit. Cried. Wow. I’ve been so triggered recently and I’ve been praying for support. Kenya takes couples from monogamy to polyamory. I’m most certainly not ready for that or interested whatsoever… yet damn I’m ready to heal feeling not good enough/jealous. I didn’t get the solution to this in our interview per say, yet I am curious about how this woman has embodied the ability to what seems like compartmentalize with and open heart her lover, her husband, both in the same home, thriving in her business and alive in her essence. AND what impacted me the most was it took her 12 years in her marriage to feel safe. It’s OK if after 4 months I still don’t feel safe. And safety is required to even TALK about poly. So while I’m a master in many areas, it’s humbling to know I have a brand new revealed wound to heal that has never surfaced until I really really cared about someone. Thank you for your grace as you witness my wobbly in this… good on me for already having many tools/processes she speaks of to support myself through this… and good on her for being such a bold stand for her truth and so passionate in helping couples thrive. My ego is dying…. home even MORE to my deepest spiritual nature. Would love to hear your thoughts and feelings about this conversation. Whew.

2021 September 15th, Healing Your Disappointing Love Life, Dr. Thomas Jordan


Dr. Jordan who insisted I call him Tom, is a wealth of information, awareness, inspiration and guidance on how to improve your love life if it’s been a pattern of disappointment for you. He takes us through a 3 step process from identification through challenge into choice. We know that couples who grow together have the best chance at staying together. We also know it’s not another’s job to make us happy… yet so many of us learn from our upbringings to become what we watched… abuse, neglect, control, dishonesty etc and through habit or unconsciousness… we attract the same. Tom loves to awaken his clients into consciousness, which awakens their intuition and they begin to become more empowered, intuitive and successful in their love relationships… instead of attracting abuse, they attract respect. Instead of being abandoned, they attract someone committed… why? Because now they respect themselves, are committed to themselves. The inside always creates the outside. We even joke about our underwear… this interview is an invitation to more life force energy and aliveness about what’s possible. Enjoy!

2021 September 22nd, How to have a Healthy Relationship, Gabriella Ulloa


It gives me great hope to know there are such young conscious beings on this planet. Gaby is so refreshing with her vulnerability, her willingness to tell the truth, to do the work, to become aware of her thoughts, to know she has choice, to be honest with her wobbles and her bravery to make courageous choices that honor her mental health and thriving life. She shares how to navigate emotionally abusive relationship… how she had trouble letting go… how the support of the Hoffman Institute, her therapist, friends and family all supported her healthier choice. She shares how she found her deeper purpose writing not necessarily for the esteemed Architectural Digest, but for her growing Instagram community and blogs about mental health. She loves being a mental health advocate so that people understand you don’t have to be on medication to still struggle with mental health issues AND that there is tons of support to help you honor yourself and attract honoring health relationships. She discusses GREEN flags of a health relationship after revealing RED flags from her abusive one. She’s young, growing, open, optimistic and grateful for her journey. You will love her 😉

2021 September 29th, The Spirit of Openness, Acceptance and Mutual Support, Adam Gilad


Damn I love this man. He’s been my brother, colleague, friend and inspiration for perhaps 15 yrs now or more. He’s literally the most alive yet grounded, happy yet transparent about challenges, on fire yet unattached… he’s literally the best I’ve ever seen him. He’s the embodiment of decades of practice, learning, giving, teaching and learning. He’s going to be a Dad again. He’s doing legacy work. It’s always a BLAST of energy when you listen to us connect… jokes, wisdom, poignant moments, inspiring insights and miraculous unfoldings in service to YOU and YOUR best self, your romantic success, your soul’s glory. And to think we’re both creating Apps… life is so wild. Kyyndr is amazing. Join his Summit… I’m LIVE on the 30th!!!

2021 October 6th, Awaken Sacred Sexuality, Kat Harris


I swear my Podcast delights my soul to the max! Meeting Kat is SUCH a gift! She GETS it and although we have different boundaries of sex before marriage or not… our hearts, souls, bodies, truths, and femininity is in pure alignment. Her story of being a Christian and questioning, researching, listening to her heart, devouring science, being single in NYC… ALL of it brought her to one conclusion. LISTEN to the podcast to find out what she chooses with sex, penetration, oral, anal, etc as she honors ALL of life as erotic, sacred, alive, and full of delight. She’s wise, insightful, funny, heart-centered, and very embodied in her love of sacred sexuality. I can’t wait for the reciprocal Podcast on her show this Fall where we can take this delicious, expansive, honoring, and yummy conversation to the next level. This one you will want to listen to several times to awaken what’s true for YOU with your sexuality. xoxo

OMG, I’ve met such a soul tribe brother!!!! Jeff is heart-centered and deep while being wildly exuberant about life, being a Dad, a successful CEO, and an amazing lover. Promescent is born from such a scientifically sound foundation while being aligned with the US here at https://heartmates.app/ in that sexuality is sacred, it’s our birthright, it keeps us juicy alive creative, and vibrant.

2021 October 20th, Positive Mindset, Melissa Monte

LOVED our conversation about KNOWING what we know and HOW to know that! How many times do you think you want to do something, only to do it and find out you were disappointed, drained, used? When we learn to listen to our knowing, we can be in OUR flow, not give our best selves away to situations or people that aren’t aligned with our truth.

2021 October 27th, Conscious Uncoupling, Katherine Woodward Thomas


Ahhh… SO GOOD to reconnect with this divine sister and wise woman Katherine after so many years. She’s known for her Calling in the One and her Conscious Uncoupling programs and books. We danced a beautiful dance aligning with encouraging people to take a deliberate stand for a new future… I call that Choice.

2021 November 3rd, Why You Shouldn’t Outsource Your Spiritual Sovereignty, Lopa


OMG what an inspiration! Lopa is REAL. She GETS it. She does her work AND allows herself to be used by Spirit to uplift humanity… through Rasa. Her journey will invite you to KNOW that your path is guiding you exactly where you need to go to BE YOU.

2021 November 10th, Spiritual Guidance and Wisdom, Manex

We spoke of his relationship journey and how he literally DREAMED a relationship that hadn’t existed on the planet… and SHE arose… Our soul knows. We know. Yet can we honor respect trust and choose what we know?

2021 November 17th, Sex, Love, & Yoga with Dr. Cat Meyer

What a delicious erotic sensual goddess Dr. Cat is. I love her openness, her invitation to us to enjoy the pleasure of flirting while also using our voice, communicating our choices, trusting ourselves, having aligned boundaries and asking for help and support along the way of our heart’s truest journey.

I’m especially moved by this conversation’s depth around brotherhood. I honor the work Bryan and his long time friend Tate do for men. Men need men. Yes women can awaken their masculine grandeur… yet there’s a vital part that only men can inspire in other men. I honestly can’t wait to send my son to Bryan’s retreats one day. I trust him completely.

Jayson and I concurred on many items and issues regarding the importance of learning to feel. That conflict is good for development, part of life, that it’s essential to learn how to better communicate AND that there is no perfect conflict free relationship out there.

What a wonderful reconnection after so many years with Ian, the partner of my dear friend Jaiya. How extraordinary to hear his journey of being seen 100% and being his authentic truthful loving self, releasing control or desire to change another, speaking forthright and working through his own shame or fear of not being enough.

2021 December 15th, Mastering Your Self Trust

Damn I love this woman. And she’s 20 weeks glowing in pregnancy! I love how this embodiment expert is being gentle with her growing hips and thighs, how she’s reframing her worth… she used to derive so much fulfillment and worth from being productive… yet with being pregnant she’s seeing that her worth is way beyond what she accomplishes… she’s a radiant gift just because she exists.

So glad to have the opportunity to get to know a new sister better, Makhosi and I met through Mavericks and I wanted to share her powerful story with you. I had no ideas that Intimacy was where she started rising to the top of a sex toy multi level marketing company all the way through mystery schools to becoming a Zulu Shaman and following euphoria to live in the flow.

OMG I love her. She’s my tribe! She GETS it! We agree that relationships are a sacred Petri dish of growth and evolution! We spoke of what it really takes to be confident from the inside out, what it takes to consciously uncouple (and exactly what to say) and how to unhook from sabotaging behaviors, addictions and limiting beliefs to attract your ideal partner WHILE not being attached or even looking.

Season 10

Welcome to Intimate Conversation Podcast: January 2022

What a yummy interview with a dear friend and colleague! Ahhh… he reminded me of “Slides” which you can learn more about how to manifest your goals… He spoke so eloquently about choosing relationship as the sacred vehicle for transformation. He had a KILLER insight into those of us who caretake, save, rescue being responsible FOR another vs. TO another.

This was a GREAT GREAT GREAT INTERVIEW! SOOOO much value, brave authenticity, profound insights, hysterical jokes, useful tools and upleveling questions to ask your soul. I love Gurutej. I cherish her wisdom, vulnerability and light. We spoke of the art of touch, asking your heart and intuition if a door opening will profit you on all levels.

Wow, I haven’t learned so much in a while… we agree on so many things and intuitively I know what I know, yet Michael is both highly trained with two masters and years of yoga, meditation, breath work and clinical hypnosis that he explained why so many things DON’T work and why others DO when getting along and thriving with our partners.

We had so much fun talking about our kids, parenting through asking questions, being unattached and being that safe space for them to tell the truth without judgment… AND that it’s a work in progress. Angie shared of her journey in her marriage creating promises to herself to nurture and come from fullness inviting date night, sexy time, vulnerable communication.

2022 February 2nd, How Energy Enhances Intimacy

Ahhhh!!!! So good to reconnect with Mas Nate! Vibravision was and IS way more than meets the eye in terms of your energy, awareness and embracing programming that’s perhaps in the way of your greatest freedom, peace and impact. This amazing conversation spanned a near death experience, to celibacy to finding your soul mate to learning to comfort SELF and OTHER during dark times.

2022 February 9th, The Science of Love
I’m 52. I’m well over the 12 yr old tween who pawed the TV screen watching Duran Duran (yes I really did that xox). I evolved and remember it being lovely but no big thing when maneuvering UP some stairs on crutches in NYC and a sweet couple helped me Bruce Willis and Demi Moore… However Foster and Kimberly are like sacred movie stars to me, Divine Celebrities. They not only IMPACT humanity, they ARE a divine sacred couple. You can just feel it.
2022 February 16th, How to Communicate Like a Guru

What delicious people! You can literally FEEL their vibe. We had so much fun discussing the cultivation of our own vibration that leads to walking straight into your beloved, quite often where you DON’T expect it. What inspiring gifts they shared about partnership, parenting, arguing, celibacy, unconditionally loving yourself, the discipline it really takes to cultivate ongoing presence and how they now dance in this vibrational flow when leading workshops. They show us that the ‘work works’… listen to what Biji does at 3:30am each morning… listen for how long Mikko’s gone without ejaculating… deeper roots create higher shoots every time. I am inspired that this level of conscious sacred partnership exists. Can’t wait to play with them in Costa Rica one day. ENJOY! This free gift from Mikko and Biji: https://www.loveall5d.com/intimate-conversations/

2022 February 23rd, The Touch Women Crave from Men

Yum Yum Yum. I think we felt like we both had sex by the end of this interview! It was so delicious talking about how to touch a woman… AND how to receive touch as a woman… and how to ASK for what you desire… and showing men the keys of how to truly turn us on. It must be frustrating for men to ‘win’ or succeed with bringing us pleasure when we’re all different… and even the same woman is different throughout the month…

Wow, I had no idea Dan was a Trainer in Transurfing as well as SUCH the embodiment of Abundance itself. We’re new friends through Mavericks and I just KNEW he had wisdom to share. His vulnerability is magnificent and his life journey is inspiring from making and losing millions TWICE, to the way he just BE’s LOVE with his step daughter and new little man.

No way! ANOTHER brother from another mother! I love how we fell into talking about REAL men… how he suggested the book I read to Gabriel, how he was vulnerable about his transformation of his relationship with anger. I loved how he values apprenticeship with martial arts and various sciences. I love how he surrounds himself with mentors both alive and passed.

2022 March 16th, The Embodied Man
I adore Aaron, I love the way he speaks of embodiment and integration and especially the power of surrender from the head to the heart through breath, sound and movement. We talked about how to let go of the past, self forgiveness, gratitude, the benefits of challenges, the power of knowing thyself and bringing yourself whole self into a sexual relationship. We spoke of how women could suggest reading his new book The Embodied Man and the beauty of using sexual magic to manifest and the energy of sexuality to more fully impact the world with your genius.
Is your partner picker wonky? wobbly? downright off? Suzanne and I share about our ‘picker’ journey with men… and she reveals how she helps women get more specific about 14 areas of life, yes 14! So that you have guidelines to follow when dating ensuring you have 80% of your criteria met so you don’t settle! You’ll LOVE her own personal story of meeting her man… where she’s living and how she’s navigating her relationship. I love that she’s a perfectly imperfect dating expert like I’m a perfectly imperfect intimacy expert… this interview is real AND inspiring as it comes down to trusting yourself, feeling your feelings, knowing your worth and never giving up on love!

Whether stemming from the fear of abandonment or fear of not being good enough… we often criticize ourselves, criticize others with patterns that are problematic in relationships. Dr. Jessica is BRILLIANT at unpacking this, teaching us ways to be vulnerable and find that connection within and with our partner. While we give a non threatening example of ‘meatloaf’ inside the interview… you will hear how tougher subjects around sex, money, feeling like your partner doesn’t care or that your feelings don’t matter… can be addressed, shifted and meaningful belonging can be cultivated. We even get into the symbolic gift of Aikido as a point of reference for new ways to get ‘off the line of attack’ and stabilize ourselves. You will LOVE this!

What a delicious creature Patty is! I love our friendship and sisterhood over all these years and the gift of being able to bring her and her sweet body to our podcast! Patty described herself as Marilyn Monroe and Mother Teresa… a blend of helping and nourishing humanity with sensual deliciousness… inviting us to literally BE with all the energies of our lives and experiences… without judgment. We talked a lot about our Sfactor journeys and how we came Home to our bodies, how we listen, honor and concrete with our best friends, our bodies. We talked of our journeys with feeling safe with other women, competition and how to cultivate true sisterhood.

2022 April 13th, The Emotional Alchemist

Wow! A brother from another mother! What a deep stunning eloquent heart centered conversation from a beautiful man originally from Cameroon all the way to Canada. HIs story of self compassion, radical self acceptance, ownership of his choices, feeling his feelings all the way through to genuine empowerment and authentic inspiration…. well it’s enlivening! He shows us how becoming intimate with our pain is a path to freedom, peace AND our purpose. You will love his story and may it inspire your fullest expression in your world. Enjoy!

Ahhhh how I love and loved this man. Dr. Danny Friedland has passed. He inspired me more and more each time we connected. He reminded us to ask, What matters most now? Make every moment count. Living intensely loving relationships. Leave our legacy. The time prior to this interview when we connected, he was in the euphoria of dissolving the fear of death and his vibration was such an invitation into Oneness. In this interview he was the embodiment of Grounded Wholeness… choosing an attitude of compassion, openness, kindness and curiosity.

Man… from being 1 of 13 raised in Mexico in poverty and sexual abuse to moving to the States at age 10 and creating massive wealth by 22yrs old, yet addicted to alcohol and taking from others… to a 12 step program, forgiving his parents and himself, to developing his physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and financial self… you will love to hear HOW he did it, that even a period of celibacy has led to a beautiful new relationship based on the mind soul body connection… and a thriving son. Peter is lovely, kind, honest, humble, inspiring and vibrantly alive! You will be moved when he was moved talking about how it feels to truly set yourself free. Enjoy!

I feel so enlivened, grounded, grateful, and expanded in this beautiful conversation with Kute. It’s as if the souls of our mothers were dancing with us throughout the conversation. Beginning with his mention of the book Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain, a book he was inspired by when speaking at his dad’s church at age 8. That was the book my mother gave me when I first moved to Japan AND Japan is where Kute’s mother is from! And both of our mothers dying of cancer… The conversation was like a tapestry being woven back to earlier insights and wisdom only to come full circle by the end with my tears as he shared about the soul-based connection of his parents, and my choice to allow that depth of connection in my own world. The conversation was magic, just like the title of his book, The Magic of Surrender. I felt like fist pumping him the whole interview, everything he said was like finishing my own sentences! You will love it! Savor it. Especially the end…Www.KuteBlackson.com/reinventseminar

Wow! We talked about real life examples of marriages who complain… what about me? about how to heal after betrayal, how to talk about getting your needs met in the bedroom… so many solid nuggets of how to make your relationship thrive. One of her insights about apologizing after betraying someone stopped me in my tracks. Brilliant. We agree that all relationships take work… just like a plant needs water, sunshine, fertilizer and the odd pruning, same with relationships. And if you don’t work on the marriage, you’ll have to work on the divorce, on dating and on relationships AGAIN! So you might as well sink your teeth in and savor the growth of this one and give it all you’ve got. You’ll LOVE this candid practical and inspiring conversation! xoxo

Life is so good. Especially when you run into a brother from another mother😉Gerald was introduced to me as someone I would adore and it’s true. His journey is so aligned with our path to intimate communion with our soul. He shares of his two prior marriages dealing with masks and facades, anything not to be rejected. We both have been inspired by Debbie Ford’s shadow work, choosing to open ALL doors in the mansion of ourselves and express ourselves unapologetically. Gerald’s partnership with his beloved Allison and especially how they courted is a glorious dance of intimacy and the best of the masculine and feminine. They’ve let go of rules, gotten up under one another, awakening the best in one another, caring for each other’s hearts. With 10 kids between the two of them and a thriving retreat business, this is legendary couple doing legendary work for humanity. In fact as a cherished listener of Intimate Conversations, use the coupon ‘Guest’ to be invited as Gerald’s special guest toLegendarySeminar.comhis May 25-27 event in Salt Lake City. For conscious leaders, to learn more about the invitation only Warrior of the Light events, go towww.CoachWithGerald.comSavor the visualization at the end that Gerald led, let the energy nourish you! And get ready for Part 2 with Allison and Part 3 with the two of them!

Such a delicious conversation about the feminine… trust… the whole conversation seemed to come back to trust. To be authentic… trust who you are is enough, to surrender? Trust your are safe, listen to your intuition? trust what you hear… on and on… even being grounded in our body… trust we are held, enough and meant to be here. RECEIVE! Yes trust you can handle the challenges and the rapture! Sacred sex? Trust you can let go of control and melt into oneness… Ahhh. Delicious indeed! AND real… El shares of being a new mom and her little one’s first cold… again… surrender and trust all will be well. You will FEEL the feminine energy in this interview and it will support you in slowing down to listen to her wisdom within you. Enjoy!

Damn we always talk up a conscious badass heartfelt passionate storm together!!! Corey is a master storyteller, a profound listener, curious… even obsessed with curiosity with people which makes them feel comfortable, seen and open to sharing details they’ve never shared with others. We spoke of how bLUtalks shifted when Covid hit and how the power of synchronicity supported his gut sense of how to serve humanity even more. We shared of how heart based intuitive based living, be it in business or personal, has been a game changer for him. AND how when you find your purpose and passion (with his Book of Why) how for him, it elevated anxiety… and how it can truly provide a sense of mattering, belonging and knowing exactly as you are… you are enough. You will LOVE THIS conversation by this cherished return guest of Intimate Conversations.

I want to be Kara and Caleb when I grow up. Seriously they are the embodiment of a conscious couple. They both individually do their work AND share doing with the work with each other, giving the gift of co-regulation for one another so they can more easily regulate… what do I mean? Instead of taking things personally, blaming or closing off… they practice being spacious for one another, allowing what the other’s triggered by, inviting them gently back to presence, listening without judgment, giving the gift of patience and honoring each other’s death of old identities and wobbly shaky birth of a deeper truer self fueled by knowing. They both spoke of expansion in a REALLY wise way… you HAVE to listen to this as it will ground your evolution… they have a WISE way of looking at pain AND a conscious way of being with the word NEED. Kara is certainly the most radiant I’ve ever seen her and while I only recently met Caleb… he’s already owning more of his voice being with Kara. You will be inspired magnificently by the soon to be parents conscious couple. Listen to their last words of inspiration and take to heart their invitation. HUGE LOVE, Allana

2022 June 15th, Creating Love on Purpose

AHHHH…. such dear long friends. So good to have them back on the show. I love how they shared the 5 steps of their relationship… you’ll want to listen if you’re stuck in a loop many of us get stuck in because we don’t know how to navigate conflict to the place of stability. We haven’t slowed down to discover what our true values are. We haven’t learned that THEY ARE OUR MIRROR and how to love ourselves enough to take true ownership of our wounds and with kindness and bravery love ourselves unconditionally. Listen as they talk about ‘the fork’ and how they communicate with bravery, ownership, compassion and even if they need a time out… how they resolve issues and grow richly closer over time. It was SO GOOD to reconnect… and at the end… they did what I asked so I could be a spiritual voyeur and inspired by their heartfelt love. Love, Allana xox

I have known of Kim for well over a decade… maybe 15 years… she inspired me to love my body, my vagina, my sacred sexuality. I had interviewed Sheila Kelly then started dancing at Sfactor… interviewed Jaiya and discovered my sexual blueprint… I love learning, growing and evolving and passing on all I learn to my community and clients. Kim is ALIVE and has pretty much always been aware of sacred sexuality, knowing it is a cosmic portal, a pure spiritual experience, able to access telepathic transcendent spaces. She knows sex is a path to our intuitive path, self actualization, the best version of ourselves. I asked her what was most important to her… Sex & God. When I am, as she coins “A Well F&cked Woman”, I am fully nourished, my most unapologetic, creative, vibrant and KIND to myself! She encourages us to nourish ourselves with sexual energy affirming that ALL women can have orgasms and embrace their voracious sacred sexual selves. I even broke down into tears as she shared how orgasm is healing medicine to get me through my breakup. What a blessing to interview her RIGHT NOW. She is such a blessing. Check out her Vagine Kung fu Salon this February. Bliss. https://allanapratt.com/jadeegg

2022 June 29th, Finding the Path of Me

In all honesty I can’t remember how the blessing of Wendy came into my life. Life pre Wendy and post Wendy! We both have similar motherhood journeys which very few who haven’t experienced it, can understand or have compassion for. We’ve had profound recalibration sessions over the years that feel like I’ve jumped timelines, integrated into angelic realms, embodied warrior of the light energy, unearthed my galactic heart, connected to my 300′ tall golden being and said farewell to several survival aspects of myself that we’re caught in patterns keeping me stuck. It’s deep work. It might sound a little out there… but I’m empowered and so grateful for her. We both understand that people say they do the work, but they really don’t do the work. They’re trying to think their way through it rather than feel and truly bravely surrender. Many have the right lingo yet are spiritually bypassing. She sees straight through it all. It feels so good to be seen by her for the depth of who I am and all that I’m capable and designed to be. Enjoy 🙂

OK, how amazing is Johnny? This was a jam packed inspirational practical and delicious conversation. Going from an elite special ops soldier to entrepreneur has taught Johnny about the Art of Masculinity. He’s learned the advantages of embracing his feminine energy of allowance, acceptance… surrendering into self forgiveness, learning to say to himself, “Bro! Take it Easy! Nobody’s perfect. We all need support. You don’t have to have it all figured out. Just show up and give to the world without expectations.” OK- what if we all talked to ourselves this way? He and his wife Taylor have learned/are learning to be even more honest with themselves, with each other and bring out the best on one another. Johnny invites us to give our selves Grace. Fill up our cup. Be brave, confront yourself and embrace your own insecurities and live with more gratitude and love. Whoa. Listen all the way to the end of his message to men, and to women who may have given up on the masculine… truly touching.

What fun we had! The combination of Soum’s upbringing being taught kindness, mixed with her engineering mind and gorgeous heart that knows we never die… has created a life path where he’s inspired by the Mystery… while providing practical guides, resources and products to empower our healthy sex lives. We spoke of how his company’s vibrators physically improve blood flow and close the ‘arousal gap… while emotionally encouraging the reinvention of your sex life and invigoration of your pleasure routine. He spoke of the concept that perhaps 10% of a couples satisfaction comes from the actual time spent having sex yet 90% of the problems arise from the lack of healthy sex. There’s an amazing women’s vibrator coming out this summer his team has worked on for 3 years… I’m stoked to get one! AND to incorporate his products into HeartMates curriculum… we often don’t know what vibrator to trust so we do nothing. How wonderful to have a man’s mission to make our sexual health an integral part of our overall health.

How is it I lived in LA for 20 yrs and didn’t meet this AMAZING woman??? We must have been at the same events and yet LIFE wanted us to connect now. How totally divine to meet a goddess so honoring of her authentic wobbles, her brave journey and so LIVING the relationship she teaches about. She taught us the power of choosing for REAL, to stop putting our attention out there on the other person and instead be curious about how we’re behaving, what we’re saying, why we are smiling if we’re really not happy? She taught us how to embrace dating and enjoy the learning process, and the power of a letter to our beloved with ZERO fake positive sh*t, be real, even about our insecurities and connect as our true selves… then he walked into her life… and 5 yrs later he was literally moved to tears right before our interview about how proud he is of her… he’s Kindness Embodied. And Tracy’s become/becoming (as I don’t think we ever get there) Kindness Embodied to herself. The inside has created the outside yet again. You will LOVE THIS WOMAN! oxoxox Allana

OMG how fun. Chris and I know each other from years ago, both entrepreneurs, both lost our moms… it’s SO GOOD to get the back story of his journey, his inner processes of coming to terms with huge success with his book Acne Free in 3 Days and all the ‘stuff’ yet choosing to slow down and BE to HEAR what was true for him. He’s thriving again with his Youtube Channel… actually OUR Youtube Channel… he’s cultivated a safe connected community of those interested in healthy skin and wellness plus anti again. This interview was days before my 52nd Bday and he looks younger than me at 58! He gave me the low down on what to add to my skin care routine with my adventure to India for my face and body. He’s a doll, huge heart, cares, is super crazy knowledgable and in his zone of genius on camera. It warms my heart to know that everything happens for a reason and reconnecting felt so good to support us all in aging elegantly, not breaking the bank with products and using products that honor Mother Earth. LIFE IS GOOD! Enjoy and check out his YouTube Channel Chris Gibson Live!

I may have found one of my new besties… there’s something CRAZY YUMMY when Sue and I connect! I was just on her Podcast recently and this week her vivacious contagious divine energy blessed our world! We spoke of what it REALLY means to do the work. She began with a lovely BDay message and card she pulled from past Intimate Conversations Guest Colette Baron Reid… SPOT ON! She went on to share her adoption story and the reunion with her birth mother. She shared deliciously about her post-divorce SIGNS to move to Bend, OR, and also vulnerably about her post-divorce ugly cry moments. We both cringe at the word “try.” We both love amazing sex! We both agree that we teach people how to treat us. You will no doubt be ON FIRE by the time you finish listening to two authentic, genuine, hot mess masterful coaches shoot the sh*t in contribution to your magical journey. Enjoy! xoxo

AHHHH! I adore this woman! What a delicious delight. She’s so down to earth, completely wise, a gorgeous GILF and for a short period of time, my neighbor in WY! Loree shared SO MANY gems of spiritually deep yet practical tips and tools she’s learned in her 37 yr marriage. She does her work and has received the gifts of her marriage to awaken finding her voice, being a better communicator, thinking big and being even more courageous. She’s developed patience, respect and forgiveness in her 3 1/2 decade marriage and sees the overarching benefit of health and well being as fueling her best life. Health she says is her religion, physical, mental, emotional spiritual… how it’s brought out the best in their intimate relationship, communication and being each other’s biggest fan. Her husband gifts her with the attitude of Why Not? allowing her to expand even more into her glory and her face smiles with radiance when she talks about how sexy he still is to her… this is a delicious interview inspiring your desire to GET AFTER IT in life, love, health and relationships. We GET to be here, yes? So let’s do the delicious work! Let’s have sacred greediness about falling madly in love with ourselves, romancing our lives and making love with the Universe! Enjoy! xoxo

2022 August 17th, Did Corona Kill Off Dating?

I LOVE DR. DIANA SO MUCH!!! She speaks of how HER Fairy Godmother therapist reparented her, believed in her and even insisted she keep dating Sam who she’s been married to for decades! We all need a Fairy Godmother. We all deserve to be given what we need. This was an episode sent from above as I cried a bit, and Dr. Diana was moved too. Shame pockets as she calls them ignite as we expand and grow, so to keep doing the inner work to both reparent ourselves AND ask for what we need! This was the edge I needed to hear today. I am very brave and resilient, yet still shaming myself for asking for what I need.

2022 August 24th, The Neuroscience of Love

I’m so glad that John Howard exists 🙂 The work he does is so important and his personal story inspires me deeply. I love his draw to indigenous cultures to support us in the present moment to create more meaningful relationships. Slowing down to ask the deep existential questions is so important, What is my life about? Why am I here? What really matters? There’s a level of presence that depth of connection provides to help us navigate life’s challenges. And when we don’t ask these questions, we can become thirsty for connection and often settle for shallow substitutes. I love how John says ‘relationship is a meditation’ where we learn to connect before we open our mouth. There are so many gems in this interview you’re going to want to listen to it 10 times! AND get his book, More than Words. Enjoy this rich, practical and poignant conversation.

Wow. To be in the presence of a couple who is human, does the work, cleans up messes, learns what works for themselves, for the other and for the relationship… I witnessed devotion. They shared practical ways they regulate their nervous system. They shared points of view that help them lean in, deepen connection, stay in the conversation and share what they really desire, their truth. They shared the true challenges of being together 18 yrs, married 14 with a pandemic thrown in for good measure, and the sweetness of being on the journey… together. They truly want neither to betray their own truth. They truly have each other’s back, even when it’s scary or hard. They role played how they navigate when one pulls away. You will learn so much. You will feel their love of self, other and the partnership. Totally nourished my heart and I know it will yours too. Enjoy xox

I love this woman. Have for a decade in a half, or more! She continues to inspire me, uplift me, wake me up as I’m sure you will experience in this intimate conversation. The way Amy teaches communication from such a place of certainty and vulnerability is empowering. Your voice matters. Speak up for yourself… yet HOW? Amy took us through several situations on how to establish boundaries with grace and kindness AND what to do if the one who you’re communicating with has NEVER owned their shit and consistently tells you that you shouldn’t feel that way. I loved how she revealed stories of her upbringing, her sexual identity journey, her acknowledgment of baby steps on this never ending journey of evolution. I could listen to her for days. Get all her stuff. Let her nourish your world. She’s the real deal.

I think the universe is the coolest ever… Giving me another brother from another mother 🙂 Bob gets it. He gets that we need to embody our transformation. He gets that the body knows. He gets how the brain works. A shift in posture and breath can move emotions and train the body to let go of pain, let go of addiction to porn, not yell at our kids or our spouse, and even end the self-hatred and shaming we put ourselves through. This intimate conversation brought me to tears. In a good way. In a grateful way. Thank you for your grace as you watch. Click to learn all about the retreat is http://www.thefreedomspecialist.com/newleaf Retreat dates are Nov 9-12 (Wed – Sat)

I want to be like Adriane when I grow up! I may not be able to match her 52 yr marriage as I’m already 52 xox, yet wow this woman is aging gracefully with spunk, sass and aliveness. She taught us so much about what makes her marriage thrive, how she makes tons of mistakes and is supported to take risks by her tall dark and handsome hubby, she reminded us about the power of exercise, omegas and ATTITUDE when it comes to longevity. Friendships and even multigenerational friendships are a must. And SEX! I love that she has a glass of wine each night and still loves a thriving sexual connection at 74. She made some key decisions at 55 that changed the trajectory of her future that you will want to hear. Check out her Podcast (I’ve been honored to be a guest) and her many books on Amazon. Enjoy!

What a profound conversation about the power of nature to not only replenish us but to hold us in our healing and to help us listen to our True North. We shared stories about trauma, divorce, parenthood and healing that may resonate and inspire new points of view. We shared about coming to that center place where you can choose to speak up or to let it go… and how do you decide which one is for the highest good of all? When we’ve silenced our truth for so long it seems imperative to speak up no matter what, and yet as we evolve sometimes saying nothing at all is the most powerful communication. And at the end we went deep in our gratitude of Mother Gaia. Stunning connection.

Wow! No wonder when someone says BUT after they say I’m sorry, it pisses me off! Dr. Jen Thomas, co-author of the 5 Apology Languages along with Gary Chapman was a delight. She explained the 5 Apology Languages and how it has positively affected her marriage and parenting. We spoke of the quality of sincerity… how it affects our ability to trust again and triggers our innate desire for Justice. We concurred on how apologizing to SELF can be the hardest yet most rewarding. Knowing both your LOVE language and apology language are like bookends to a healthy relationship personally, professionally, parentally… everywhere! Discover which apology language you are as you listen to this conversation… xoxo Allana

Fuck that was fun! Damn I forgot how delicious Simone is and what a joy to talk about doing relationships different! She’s happier than she’s ever been and such an inspiration. She’s willing to ask for more and inspired me to do the same. We joked about being sluts and really questioned how we’ve been entrained into how society says a woman ought to be. She invited us to ask, who do you think of before you choose? Are you willing to be the most important one, not as an exclusion of others, but as an honoring of you… so that your best most true authentic self is the gift you give to the world. Listen to what Gary Douglas said to her when he first met her 21 years ago… and how that question has literally transformed her life. And I LOVE my newest term… the world is too ‘peopley’ for me today. A much more PG version of what I had been saying xoxo. And finally, a great reminder of the DVD series Dain and I created years ago regarding the 5 principles of Intimacy. You will LOVE this intimate conversation. xoox Allana

Lynnsey and I could talk for days, and maybe we should! Her vibrant energy and exuberance of doing what she’s here to do and living her best life ever… is nothing short of intoxicating. She seems to be living in the zone of magic. And she still has bad days and doesn’t make chicken nuggets from scratch anymore now that she has 3 boys! Nonetheless the quality of questions she asks is epic. The delight she experiences with her hypnotherapy career is delicious! We talked about past life regressions and even how this sweet thing doesn’t enjoy the sound of her own voice… yet! We’re open to changing that! Her membership sounds out of this world and her confirmation that we’ve always been taking care of soothed my soul. YOU WILL LOVE THIS!

What delicious fun! Drink in some of these chapter titles of her book SoulPhoria… Flirtation with the Cosmos… Spiritual Striptease… Sublime Nakedness… you will have to listen for more! We spoke of true soul embodiment… how can we honor the body, its messages, its wisdom. And how can we do that when dealing with as Alessandra has… with brain cancer… that returned! And how do we do that when we feel shame around our sexuality? You will LOVE to hear her story of how she met her husband… and the flow with which they navigate sexuality, working together and more! And lastly, I love that another Intimate Conversations Guest David T Woods introduced us… BC’ers unite!

To say I adore this woman is an understatement. We had instant karmic connection on her Podcast and what a pure delight it was to revel in her wisdom, vulnerability, lightheartedness and aliveness in this interview. We started off deep with our aligned parts as dancers, her past suicidal ideations and moved on to how she has used that contrast to expand. She used to be allergic to her feelings and now she’s committed to life, to self-love, to feeling it to heal it, to forgive but not to forget. We spoke of how perfection sets you up to fail, how we are like nature with seasons and to have compassion and curiosity. Her and her man Jeffrey are willing to face themselves over and over, are grateful for their compatibility and willingness to take ownership of themselves, each other and the partnership. Kelsey’s self-love retreats sound nothing short of divine. I adore this woman who apparently wants to be me when she grows up… I don’t think there’s anything more flattering. What a life altering conversation.

Holy shit. I don’t think I’ve ever had an interview like this before. I wanted to stop the interview my stomachache was so bad. But I sat in the fire asking, what is it that I couldn’t stomach? And then compassion began to arise. I continued to ask questions and invite the conversation into the heart. And then I heard in my being, a friend Carolyn who’s passed… a time when she asked me a really tough question that supported the shift in the trajectory of my life. And so, I asked him the same question. I said things almost as if I was channeling some divine mother energy. My voice was so soft and caring… yet also fiercely loving. I’m still a little shaken. And proud that I stuck with it in my heart’s truth. I would really like to know what you think, would it bring up for you, what you sensed. Great love, Allana xox

Wow, talk about an intimate conversation. Figs and I both had alcoholic dads… we are both committed to turning life betrayals into our superpower. He went from rescuing women to seeking validation with his seductive self into creating the missing experience, reparenting himself, finding emotional focused therapy and using the power of dance movement to not only birth an amazing Couple’s counseling practice but also The Empathi Method and Certification process for therapists. AND to finding his Beloved wife, creating a beautiful family, moving to paradise and being truly happy. While I cried both sad tears and happy tears during our conversation, Figs had a stunning vulnerable moment at the end of the interview that you won’t want to miss. You’ll also want to hear what he has to say about all relationships having impossible moments… I sense you’ll listen to this one many times😉

God, I have such an instant resonance with this woman, just like when I had the honor and privilege of being on her project relationship Podcast. She’s deep and brilliant and brave and vulnerable. We spoke of consensual non-monogamy. We spoke a very practical nuts and bolts and agreements that couples make. And we spoke of the gifts of jealousy to honor and not judge within ourselves, jealousy as an invitation to focus back on the relationship and to focus on our own beloved self… jealousy as a catalyst for evolution because we do care so deeply about another. We spoke of giving ourselves permission to dream, imagine and have fantasies and explore before we take actions and create new agreements. We spoke of embracing the ‘full catastrophe’ and the messiness of life. We spoke of having joy for your partner’s joys and what would it take to truly have joy for your partner’s giddiness of meeting someone new… and compassion for when their heart is hurt. We spoke of remembering that we get to negotiate as an adult when we first come home to the fullness of ourselves and our truth. Intense, beautiful, intimate… And what may happen on many Intimate Conversations yet is rarely verbalized… That we both grew in the re-sharing of our truth and stories 🙂 Exquisite.

I think we could talk for days!! Kirby shared such a beautiful story of self-awakening after ‘having it all’ as a New York City fashion designer for Ralph Lauren, but she was depressed, anxious and had lost her way. You’re really going to want to listen to how her relationship with Pablo unfolded nontraditionally overtime. Kirby and I agree that the inside creates the outside and that the main one to fall in love with is ourselves. Shes a divine example of how that leads to attracting a conscious partnership and for them now… conscious parents 🙂 You also want to listen to the core values they have in common as opposed to preferences… And how it’s making them fall even more deeply in love with one another. We complete with how to cultivate that magical power of following what you know. Enjoy!

Oh my goodness it was so delicious to reconnect with Juliette. We both went through master coach training together and it had been 2 years. We spoke of how she’s integrated so much grief over the years, so much shame into the capacity to handle it all and know that the past does not define her. We spoke of her being a dominatrix, of orgasmic meditation, of how she invites her partner to provide a “body reveal” when he says I love you, and how she takes the last week of every month off. We spoke of her recent operation and how it was an invitation to surrender, a time of restoration and trusting herself. Not only will the information and insights be inspiring, the energy in this conversation is deeply delicious and will support you in knowing, you’ve got this.

My word this woman is amazing. We have a very similar approach to healing by developing a meaningful connection with ourselves. She has a chapter in her book about Little Me as well! How cool is that that we even use the same language 🙂 She was very authentic that relationships require two people doing the work and that conflict can be a huge gift of evolution and awakening. We agreed that society wants everyone to think that relationships are easy and don’t require work yet it’s BS! Rupture and repair is going to happen over and over and the better you get at repairing, the deeper your intimate connection develops. She has a wonderful private practice as well as an online coaching companyBeSelfFull.com. I somehow feel better about being me simply being in her presence. Enjoy xox

This conversation was a throwback to the days where interviewed Nassim Haramein. Tom knew of cherished intimate conversation guests, Kimberly and Foster Gamble of Thrive II which explored free energy. Tom speaks of scalar energy, the fundamental life force found everywhere known as Chi, prana, mana, life force, Pyramid energy, or zero-point energy. All of these are synonymous terms for scalar energy. The results his invention has accomplished with the eradication of viruses is astounding. He supports half a million people a day through his invention helping to balance the brain and the chakras with energy. Open your mind, enjoy this conversation and may you enjoy the healing.

What a fascinating life story that led Frank to lead his mission so fully! He did an exquisite job of sharing what it’s like to live a double life, a secret life of addiction. While he was tremendously successful, he was simultaneously depressed and anxious. He very clearly expresses that porn is a drug, a dopamine hit like cocaine or meth. He has a very beautiful way of expressing how he found God and dedicated his life to supporting men ending porn addiction. He’s created an incredible coaching program with tools that work, community and accountability… There’s a story he tells of a man at the end that brought me to tears. He reminds us that it doesn’t matter how long we’ve been struggling, we can succeed. You’ll be riveted by this transparent intimate conversation.

OMG I love Scot. What a Podcast, YET the ‘after conversation’ after our very feisty Podcast brought me closer to him as my friend than ever. I respect him more, feel more heard and supported than ever. It was an amazing gift to, in the face of disagreement, keep our hearts open, connected and curious… and to have our heart’s meet in truth. We were vulnerable. Our 15 year friendship had earned the right to discover the honest fuel of each of our passions. I believe we found even more alignment, respect and compassion for one another. We both have the same outcome in mind to serve people in having thriving relationships, even though we are uniquely different in our paths to get there. I feel I was literally touched by an angel. Thank you Scot for going the distance with me into the ‘after show’. May we all stay connected long enough to sit in the fire and allow the blessing of fiercely loving connection. You are such a gift

I don’t know if you’ve had the experience when you begin to evolve, that many people fall away and there’s a period of time where you feel alone. Then the next level of extraordinary beings begin to show up! Kass is one of those extraordinary beings! You’ll want to listen to this interview 10 times because there’s so much wisdom, inspiration and gold in her every word, story and energy 🙂 We spoke of appreciating it all, not disconnecting from anything, anyone or ourselves. Connecting with the body, lowering barriers, going beyond the veil, seeing the world without judgment, engaging with the universe, connecting with the invisible realm and with our beautiful Mother Gaia. Kass is eloquent beyond measure and you will be moved deeply.

OK I’m on a high that is the most grounded expansive present high I felt in a long ass time, maybe ever? I’m pretty sure words came out of our mouths for the past hour, but it was so much more than a conversation, true embodied soulful present connection. My soul saw him, and his soul saw me and it was profound. And don’t worry, he’s totally married and there is nothing sexual! There was something so softly divine and deeply resonant about sharing our vulnerable messy, turbulent journeys with marriages and children and businesses… And how we’ve come to learn unconditional love, surrender and embodiment. Ken has this amazing 17-week complimentary course called Explore Divine Resonance.

2023 January 24th, The Freedom Formula

I’m so inspired by the authenticity, bravery and practical framework that Jasmine and Bob, The Freedom Specialist, developed in their 18 year marriage with six kids. They shared about touch & go moments, asking courageous questions like, Am I even interested in life with this person?… diving deep into inquiry about what they reeeally want. It led them to a specific effective structure of communication that either integrates their emotional triggers so they can stay calm, connected and present with one another again, or it just resolves the issue. But then there was the fight where all words were rejected… for days… silence. This story will touch and inspire you as you hear what happened to bring them back together. The wisdom was that ALL they’ve ever wanted was right there at home. Enjoy 😉

What a delicious couple. Talk about complimentary energies of 1 + 1= infinity… Elsbeth and Freddy and I talked about Sexual Enlightenment, also the name of their book and audio book on Amazon. As co-founders of the Tantra Nova institute in Chicago they shared about how sexuality can bring us to an alternative state of consciousness… our breath, body, awareness and use of intentionality can be harnessed to create our best life. They even showed us a quickie on camera! Apparently, they have many quickies a day 🙂 The way they listen to each other’s hearts and their own is exquisite and can literally be felt. Watch how this husband and wife as well as business partners cultivate connection. Its feels good.

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