Season 9

Welcome to ICP 2020:

January 24th, John Gray, Beyond Mars and Venus
After 19 yrs of being an intimacy expert, I am thrilled I waited this long to interview the amazing John Gray. I could get him deeply. We went through this amazing tantric energy exercise which I could FEEL and which brought TEARS to my eyes.

February 28th, Larry Hagner, Release the Pain of the Past
Larry is the embodiment of a noble badass. He’s real. He’s hysterical, heartfelt, humble and heroic. Wow. Four h’s đŸ˜‰ That just flowed out of me after our amazing conversation where I learned what really matters… first his code word with his wife for sex… (this will help you if you have a house filled with kids like they do xox)…

March 27th, JJ Virgin, The Virgin Diet
What a phenomenal interview that was juicy for JJ to reveal to us as she rarely gets to dive into the magic and health of her incredible marriage to Tim. We began by tying together sugar cravings or issues with weight to the emotional component under the surface…

April 24th, Carol and David, Spice Up Your Sex Life
I knew I always loved Carol and David from the first time I met them and they interviewed me on their huge Podcast The Sexy Lifestyle. Yet I had no idea the depth of care, connection, openness, confidence and vulnerability they shared as a couple.

May 14th, Eroticize Equality – Episode 1: Masha Orlov
In our inaugural episode of Eroticize Equality, celebrating the beauty of safe sacred sexual pleasure… talking with Masha is like being outside of time talking in a French Salon.

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