September 15, 2022 |

Why Does It Still Hurt | REASONS Why You Keep Hurting Years After Your Breakup

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Are you still experiencing emotional pain long after a breakup? In this insightful video, intimacy expert Allana Pratt delves into the reasons why the hurt can persist even years after a relationship ends. Unresolved wounds, unprocessed emotions, and lingering attachments can contribute to the ongoing pain. Allana provides valuable insights and guidance on how to navigate the healing process and address emotional intimacy issues. Discover empowering strategies to release the pain, cultivate self-compassion, and embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth. Gain a deeper understanding of your own emotions and learn how to create a new narrative that empowers you to move forward. Watch the video now to gain valuable insights on healing from past relationships and nurturing emotional intimacy in your life.

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