June 11, 2020 |

Why Do People Act Entitled?

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In this video, Intimacy expert Allana Pratt talks about why do people act entitled and how to deal with entitled people.

Allana, I need your honest opinion because I saw a conversation in a Facebook group that has been bothering me. A woman was upset and venting that she was sick of being ostracized by mothers because she wasn't a mom - even though she had tried everything medically possible to become a mother. She wanted moms to stop leaving her out of the conversation about child raising as if she couldn't contribute because she didn't have any. I am a mother of four and while I understand her feelings, I do not feel like I have to take off my badge of honor to make her feel special. Having kids and not having kids are two different things! There are certain things you just have to experience as a mother to understand. I refuse to feel guilty about that. As a fellow mother, what is your take?

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