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Why are attractive women emotionally shallow?

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Question: What is the deal with women who are essentially emotionally shallow? I find this a common denominator with a lot of attractive women who cross my path.

Answer: How unfulfilling to find a stream of emotionally shallow women who it sounds like you can’t connect with on a deeper conscious level or open hearted level, yes?

It sounds like your meeting women that value their looks more than they value their heart or soul?

I remember the days of deeper insecurity as a model where I thought my only worth was my beauty… And then the days where I graduated cum laude from Columbia University where I thought my brains were the only things to be valued. Or the day I admitted to myself that I married my first multimillionaire husband mostly because I was a scared little girl inside afraid I couldn't make it on my own. Vulnerable truth, yes?

Then I got on the spiritual path and realize my worth was my worth… irregardless of my accomplishments or my beauty or anything… I learned that nobody’s opinion about me mattered, only my own.

I realized who and what I truly Am.

I had direct experience is with my True Nature as a Limitless Conscious Being Of Choice.

Now because I was willing to do the inner work, I have a deep relationship with Source and that is where I cultivate my worth, my energy, my gift to humanity… the works.

So great man, may I be straight? Whatever is going on outside of us is always a reflection of what’s going on inside of us. The inside always creates the outside.

Thus it’s very possible that you are only attracting shallow women who are beautiful… because your point of view is shallow... perhaps you are only valuing beauty in a woman. Or they are a reflection of you... that you only value your handsomeness, or your bank account, or your status… It’s very possible that they are a mirror showing you that you don’t value your heart or soul and so how could you value the heart and soul of another?

It’s kind of an intense wake up call… yes?

But at least if you're willing to be curious, grateful and welcome this lesson... it’ll stop the pattern of being disappointed with shallow women by becoming deeper yourself and that’s being attracted to deeper women! Don't worry... your dates can still be beautiful women and I’m sure you’re still handsome… yet you'll also attract the depth of heart and richness of soul you desire... because YOU will have cultivated that inside you. And be patient with yourself because in a material world where FB allures you to compare yourself to everyone else… It can be challenging to remember your TRUE worth.

A great place to learn more about how to balance out your achievements and accomplishments with your inherent worth and to become greater acquainted to your true nature and noble bad ass qualities… would be my complementary report for men found at my men site called How to be a noble bad ass.

Quality women are attracted to men who are grounded and present and live their purpose… And they are also attracted to men that make them feel safe because their heart is open and they do the right thing when no one is looking. Big biceps are great… big Bank bank accounts are impressive… But a true woman of depth will see those as extras, not the main reason she’s with you.

And if after reading my complimentary report you are certain that it's time to work with a mentor such as myself to help dissolve deep insecurities and return to your True Nature so you can be your best self and attract a vibrationally aligned healthy conscious radiant women, then please book a discounted $97 session with me at

True intimacy is about our intimate relationship with ourself first. If we reject, avoid, deny or judge any parts of ourselves as less than, weaker or wrong... then we don't Unconditionally love ourselves, do we? That means our frequency will only be scientifically able to attract someone who judges us too. Ouch. Time to change that? Then register for a call with me. Let's connect and bring you HOME to deep safety, approval and Oneness at your core... THEN let's see what magnificent goddess you attract into your world ;-)

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