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What to Do When Boss Wants a Roast?

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Question: Allana, my boss is leaving the company and she want us to give her a roast. This has "bad idea" written all over it. I know she is leaving but if I ever need her for a reference, I don't want something I say on stage to be her last impression of me. How can I get out of this?

Answer: This is such a great question and I love how you are doing your best to set up your most successful future.

I encourage you not to get out of this.

I encourage you to lean in and sit in the fire.

True roasts are generally meant to make fun of people, however if you were able to make some polite intelligent wise jokes that weren't degrading and instead we're clever, she might give you an even BETTER reference because of your bold wit and willingness to not wiggle out of this.

I suppose you could simply ask to get the reference letter before the roast ;-)

Yet I really feel like this is an opportunity for you to be bigger than your fears and even right to the audience during the roast...joke about not wanting to do it because you need her for a reference! Just that'll get a laugh from the group and show her that you're a badass.

Life presents us with so many challenges... yet what if challenges were for us not against us?

What if there are gifts in discomfort?

Strength is gained from painful push-ups, yes?

Fortitude, resilience, persistence and grit developed by uncomfortable situations, yes? I say go for it!

Do some research online about roasts and show up fully!

Worst worst worst case you really screw it up and have one less reference in your future. That's not the end of the world.

Best best best case is that you knock it out of the park and she becomes one of your biggest allies supporting your greatest success.

This may not have been the advice to her looking for. Yet my message is consistent. I'm always going to remind you that you're a noble badass in the face of any circumstances.

I'll always remind you that by leaning into the Fire, your best self will always emerge.

Humungous love, Allana xoxo

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