November 22, 2018 |

Receiving Compliments

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Here is your question: "I have a hard time receiving compliments. Even 'thanks' makes me squirm. I wonder if this is universal, or just my issue? Your theories, and thoughts would be appreciated."

Here is my answer! There are three main reasons I've found that people have a hard time receiving compliments:

1. They don't feel worthy or believe the person is actually telling the truth.

2. They think they have to reciprocate so they feel pressured.

3. They're afraid saying thank you will make them look arrogant.

In the video, I go through some tips on shifting this so that you can enjoy being filled to the brim by both giving and receiving compliments. Always know ultimately what YOU think of YOU is all that matters, yet by receiving a compliment, you're giving someone a gift if you can let it in. And it just might make you feel even more fabulous that you already are!

If you have a challenge with receiving compliments in such a way that it's sabotaging your capacity to date successfully, call me so we can do the inner work required to have you succeed in creating a nourishing lasting delicious relationship. Email my staff at [email protected] and let's connect.

You ARE completely amazing. Promise. And letting someone acknowledge that, with humility and confidence... it's very sexy.

Deliciously, Allana

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