January 11, 2018 |

My wife wants more kids… and I don’t!

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If you're facing intimacy issues in your marriage due to differing desires, Allana Pratt is here to guide you. In this video, she addresses a common concern where one partner wants more children while the other feels content with the current family dynamic. Allana provides insights and advice on how to navigate this sensitive topic, fostering open communication and understanding. Discover strategies to find common ground, explore alternatives, and address the underlying emotions and fears. Whether you're unsure about expanding your family or feeling conflicted about your spouse's desire for more children, Allana offers guidance to help you work through these intimacy issues. Watch the video for valuable insights on maintaining a strong and fulfilling marriage while navigating differences in family planning. #intimacyissuesinmarriage #familyplanning #communicationinrelationships

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