May 15, 2020 |

How to See Relationship As A Spiritual Teacher – An Interview With Allana Pratt

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Welcome to an enriching episode where Allana Pratt and Dr. Jessica Higgins delve into profound insights on relationships and personal growth:

Discover how our partners reflect our inner work, serving as our spiritual guides on the journey of self-discovery. Learn the transformative power of taking ownership and delivering heartfelt apologies that foster genuine connection. Explore strategies to awaken and support our partners in their journey towards self-realization. Embrace the process of growth and integration, valuing the importance of addressing our wounded aspects rather than bypassing them. Uncover the essence of transparency in relationships: by offering transparency, we receive it in return. Gain valuable tips for nurturing connection in relationships, including the practice of presencing together as a couple. Engage in a dyad date night exercise designed to deepen intimacy, fostering open communication and curiosity. Join us as we navigate the complexities of love and connection, guided by the wisdom

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