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How to Refocus When Your Game is Off

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Question: I have been off my game lately and I don't know how to regain my focus. Stress in my life has been more than I can take and now I don't feel like I know which way is up. How can I regain my focus and find some clarity?

Answer: I totally hear you. When stress gets too much, we can't hear our heart, we can't share our truth. And yet stress is such a curious thing... I wish I knew more about what was stressing you out.

The reason being is that sometimes we make a mountain out of a molehill, we try to control something that's not controllable, we're seeking righteousness or dominance when really we ought to just let it go. Or we're letting somebody's opinion of us take up our thoughts rather than just brushing It Off. Maybe we're taking something personally that really has nothing to do with us.

I'm sensing it's deeper... yes?

Sometimes the stress is chronic and more of an invitation to make a change.

Maybe your job has been out of alignment for a long time and your soul is trying to get your attention by really stressing you out. Maybe a loved one is ill and you've been resisting feeling the deep sorrow of losing them and the stress has just been a coping mechanism. Maybe a relationship of yours is a sexless marriage or fraught with conflict and the stress is letting you know that it's time to create a breakthrough and resolution.

Thus the stress isn't necessarily a bad thing, it's your intense friend letting you know something is so out of integrity that you need to address it immediately.

Resonate more?

Given that you're asking about focus and clarity, the stress seems to me making you spin in your head... that usually happens when you're unwilling to feel something. Feeling it might make you feel out of control. You may have never learned how to navigate intense emotions. You may think that feeling anything other than happy is a problem or wrong... or unspiritual. You may even judge yourself for feeling scared or sad and so you don't let yourself go there.

Getting closer?

My experience is that on the other side of processing emotions once they're merged and integrated, is great clarity and elegant focus.

But unless you're willing and able to move through the discomfort to the other side, the stress grows and grows.

I'd say it's one of the most important life skills to learn how to stay present when triggered and to learn how to navigate intense emotions so that we can maintain clarity and focus so as to access our wisdom and deep inner knowing.

To me that's living a conscious life. However WAY easier said than done, yet otherwise life is happening to you, you don't feel in charge and you feel like a victim.

In fact transparently, I have a thriving coaching practice and yet I always have 1-3 coaches going at one time. One is teaching me cutting edge quantum psychology emotional trigger integration processes that are doubling my clients results in significantly less time. I know what I know.. yet I'm always willing to NOT know and learn more ;-)

If any of this is resonating with you I invite you to reach out to connect with me one-on-one for a discounted $97 introductory coaching session. This way I can understand more about what flavor the stress is, so that we can embrace the life lesson and I can recommend path of growth, healing and resolution for you.

Bottom line you're already amazing for being aware that you've lost your focus and clarity... Please be kind to yourself and don't judge yourself about this, instead be curious and willing to ask for help so you can have the results you want not only now, but for the rest of your life by learning these profound life tools that will help you navigate work, relationships and all things that matter to you :-)

Huge blessings, Allana XOX

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