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How to Know When Someone Can Be Trusted

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Question: How do you know if someone can be trusted? I don't want to do any stupid little test or tricks but need to know I can trust someone I am dating.

Answer: This is perhaps one of my most favorite questions to answer mostly because I had it backwards myself for so many decades of my life!

I agree that those stupid little tests are tricks are condescending, rarely reliable and based on the main issue... You're afraid, yes? Did I get that right? I certainly was. Are you afraid to be hurt again?

Most of us who want to know how to trust somebody is because in the past, we trusted and got burned, betrayed, cheated on, taken advantage of, used and abused.

And because you care about yourself you don't want that to happen again, you want to protect yourself, yes? I get it.

Here's where things are wired backwards.

And it may be crappy news.

You can never trust a person fully. You can never trust someone completely unwaveringly to never ever hurt you ever again.

That's not how life works. Life is equal Pleasure and Pain, equals support and challenge.

Nobody's perfect and nobody's a robot.

I'm certainly not perfect.

You're certainly not perfect.

Why on Earth do you think you'd find a partner who is perfect to trust forever and ever, Amen?

Please don't stop reading... although you might hate me right now ;-)

There IS one person who you can learn to trust and have an impeccable honest transparent vulnerable relationship with... and that's yourself.

You can trust your knowing. You can trust what works for you and what doesn't. You can trust what feels good and what doesn't. You can trust what lights you up and what doesn't.

And you can trust other people to be exactly who they are.

And here's the beautiful thing... when you put trust in yourself as your priority, you begin to have an intimate relationship with yourself.

Your intuition heightens, your instincts emerge more alert than ever, you know things without knowing how you know them... you are present and aware of divine intelligence!

This is the most safe, caring, secure, honoring way to navigate The Unknown.

I'd love to show you how! xox

When we're disconnected from ourselves and we are an emotionally unavailable partner to ourselves... then we don't see red flags, we live in fantasy, we hope things will work out, we ignore our instincts, shoving our soul's whispers into the closet.

And we don't do this because we're stupid or evil.

We do this because we're normally scared, lonely or afraid.

Or we don't know how to navigate intense emotions.

Or we don't know how to forgive ourselves for past mistakes.

Which one are you love?

This is the most fulfilling journey I can take someone on... HOME to their truth, their heart, their soul, their knowing... It's deeply empowering and enlivening and embodying. It makes them have the IT Factor, super sexy and magnetic to a healthy partner. They live feeling at peace in their skin, safe and secure inside their own being, happy to be alive and not needing circumstances on the outside to be a certain way anymore, to be content and grateful.

When you date from that way of being, from that vibration and frequency... Look out! You attractive quality partner without even trying. You generally have options to choose from.

And you also go into a relationship with your eyes wide open not clutching to their perfect behavior in order to feel safe... instead you are this wide open space of allowing and invitation to be real and transparent... True Intimacy at its finest... deep rich connection without being attached to the result.

This is the fertile soil of sacred communion and healthy lasting relationships.

I invite you to go all the way to the core of what led you to ask this question and if you're ready to heal it all the way home, to connect with me :-)

I offer $97 discounted introductory coaching sessions for people ready to take this journey home with me now. I look forward to the possibility of our partnership has to me ;-)

There is nothing more nourishing, delicious and Powerful than being absolutely home inside your soul.

And that's always when you meet the love of your life.

Humongous love XOX

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